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Newsletter October 9

10/9/2020 @ 5:24pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - October 9, 2020


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Craig Brown built this 1/32 Revell Fw.190F-8 and super-detailed it with Eduard Big SIN

We are ASKING customers to send us your model pictures to be posted on our HOMEPAGE. 

$10 store credit will be issued when your picture is posted on the Kitlinx Homepage


  • Picture should be 1000x250 pixels

  • As this picture is ELONGATED, make sure most of your model is mostly on the right side (a gradient will be applied to the left)

  • HINT: close-up of details is BEST! We want to see your work! Be proud of your model, whatever your skills

  • Your name will be posted to give credit-to-whom-it-belongs

  • You should tell us the Manufacturer/scale of the subject

  • By sending us the picture, you give authorization to Kitlinx to post that picture publicly

  • Kitlinx reserves the right to post or NOT post any picture


Your Feedback:

Having now used the new AK Real Colour line on my current project, I can say I'm reasonably impressed.  As regards the paint itself,  properly thinned for my setup, it sprays quite nicely. It dries to a soft smooth matt and stands up to handling and masking well. I've seen it suggested that this product can be sprayed out of the bottle, however I rather think that might depend on your individual setup, i.e. airbrush type (gravity or siphon feed), needle and tip size as well as air pressure. That said, your mileage may vary.  This is an acrylic lacquer paint, so a modeller would do well to be mindful that this product will not play nicely with standard water based acrylics. They do not mix well, if at all. Thinning for my recent project was accomplished with standard DIY store lacquer thinners, and I found that it worked rather well.  Tamiya's lacquer thinner works well, and I can also recommend Gunze's Mr Hobby Self Leveling Lacquer thinners, which is brilliant stuf!

 f when you can find it.  Being out of both the Tamiya and Mr Hobby, I fell back on the regular lacquer thinners, and as I indicated earlier, it worked just fine.     So far as colour accuracy is concerned, I think it's all subjective. I see some of the modelling forums blow up with back and forth regarding the accuracy of this colour or that colour, citing all these various publications and journals and so on, and I have to sit back and chuckle to myself.  I have access to the same reference material as any other modeller, and it seems to me that it comes down to what looks good to each individual modeller's eye.  Case in point, AK's RLM02 from the 1938-1940 time frame. I can go from photo to photo, both colour and black and white, and find different values of the same colour in any given shot.  Bottom line, for this particular project, I thought the AK Real Colours line for the early Bf109E looked good to my eye so I gave them a try.  Not disappointed



Robert from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio just earned $5 credit!


Thank you for the opportunity to comment on my recent ordering experience which was fine.  I just realized that Kitlinx is Great Models reincarnated!  Having served 25 years in the military and with the constant moving and  relocation, Great Models was always my go-to for kits and hobby supplies so it gives me great peace of mind in knowing I am dealing with a reputable, honest person.  I know that I will be ordering again from you in the near future (pending approval from Household 6 - my wife - of course).  I also look forward to providing reviews of the products I have ordered as well.  I do have one question.  Gunze Mr. Hobby Aqueous was my go to paint for many years (I ordered quite a bit from Great Models many years ago).  Is there any chance that Kitlinx can stock this brand.  Currently I use Vallejo, but they are delicate and temperamental.  I also dabble with the Mr. Color range and while durable and spray beautifully, being lacquer based they stink and after a spray session, I start to see flying elephants.  Mr. Hobby provided a super durable finish but thinned wonderfully with common rubbing alcohol.  Any chance on reintroducing the brand?

Please keep up the great work!


Matthew from Woodbridge, Virginia just earned $5 credit!


NOTE: Matthew, we use established distributors for most of our lines. When Kitlinx will be BIGGER, which happens at a daily rate because of your patronage, we will start sourcing "fun product lines" as GreatModels did (like ADV/Azimut and other Asian or European suppliers)



More Book Weekend Sale!

Many customers asked us to prolong this sale for another weekend...

Kitlinx also fixed many pictures

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Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in upcoming weeks/months! 


1/35 - Rye Field Models - RFM5070 - Pz.Kpfw III Ausf J Tank w/Workable Track Links & Movable Figure

1/48 Airfix Bristol Beaufort Mk.I

1/72 Zvezda ZVE7321 USAF C-130 Heavy Transport Aircraft

  1/35 - Tamiya - TAM35370 - German Marder I Tank Destroyer


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