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Newsletter 01/30/2018

Loic Anthian on 1/30/2018 @ 4:11pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - Jan.30, 2018

Dear <name>, Thank you for shopping at Kitlinx, llc!


What a fun year 2018!

Again, I held up this Newsletter because it seems like every day brings new changes at Kitlinx


"Programming Update"

Left Column Search: we have added a SCALE on each of the category searches on the left column. You can now zero-in much faster to your favorite kit

Pricing: We have studied the pricing of our competition and have adjusted most of the line to be very aggressive on pricing. We want to insure the best pricing in the US

Pictures: We are experimenting and cleaning our database. 

Available Inventory: Currently, Kitlinx has over 51,000 products available for purchase. These kits/accessories/books are ALL in stock in our warehouse, or at a supplier who provides us regular update of their database

Send us your input, we'd love to hear from you!


 Hobby News! 


I will be visiting the Toy Fair in the next few days. I will update Kitlinx Facebook page on the interesting releases I will find!

The Kitlinx Facebook page has changed. We wanted to start a NEW Facebook page for Kitlinx, but due to the difficulty to capture all the former GMW customers, we decided to just change its name: Kitlinx Models Webstore - so now there are two FB Kitlinx page, and the newer page will be removed by FB


 Aircraft Skies 

The kit of the week is Tamiya 1/48 Bf.109G-6 which you cannot go wrong with Tamiya! We've attached several reviews for this kit. 

  Roden 1/32 O2 Skymaster came back in stock, and it is a great seller.

Other kits of interest and highly sought after:

ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber. Every time you see "Net Pricing" on a kit, this is a DEAL! Deep discount on DML 1/48 Fokker Dr.I

 Armor Mud 

This might be the "Year of the Armor"!

Meng 1/35 Panther Ausf.A Late is back in stock. Rye Field Models has announced the shipping of their highly expected Panther Ausf.G Early/Late and the first release will have some of the hull TRANSPARENT! You will be able to view its full interior! Expected arrival: End of February 2018

Tamiya is very active with two interesting releases: 1/35 US M109A6 Paladin Iraq War and M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight in Korean War

Finally, Zvezda is releasing its 1/35 Ferdinand tank


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Welcome to Kitlinx Blog! Newsletter, restocks of lines, announcements

Loic Anthian on 1/15/2018 @ 1:06pm

Now the new year is finally here, Kitlinx is ready to get to the NEXT STEP: restocking the hottest releases! This blog contains announcements of receiving full-line restocks, Newsletters, and special sales

This is the Newsletter from last week


Kitlinx Newsletter - Jan.5, 2018

Dear <name>, Thank you for shopping at Kitlinx, llc!


Happy New Year 2018!

I held up this Newsletter because of the many changes in policies, upgrades, and new suppliers


"Programming Update"

Kitlinx is now over ONE MONTH old! 

Kitlinx has changed its "Subscription Terms" - we are offering one year subscription at $0.99 cost! That means that all customers who paid $19.99 are being credited with $19.00 on their account. Just check out and enjoy this extra saving!

Kitlinx wants you to get familiar with our new process, and we are experimenting some of our new ideas in the hobby industry

PRICING CHANGES: Please look at the website. We recognize that at this time, a number of products are located at our suppliers. We are now FURTHER DISCOUNTING these products to pass along the inconvenience of a- few- days-wait.

FURTHER DISCOUNTS: Some products are close-out items, and are added on the "Sale Items" list. Some of these products are discounted or just over-stocked

  • Pre-Order Items: now available on the left search column, with scale-drop-down-list!
  • Sale Items: now available on the left search column, with scale-drop-down-list!
  • ONE MORE SUPPLIER! Another supplier with a database of 31,400 IN STOCK items has now joined the Kitlinx family. Currently 16,500 of these items are connected to our database. We will work feverishly to add the 15,000 remaining items in the next few weeks. But it increases Kitlinx reach by 5,000 products, including Hobbyboss and the full line of Bandai
  • ADVANCED SEARCH  - Please look at the upgrade on this search, including Category, Scale, Manufacturer, In Stock, Reference Only and Pre-Orders
  • Pre-Orders and Out-of-Stock items can now be added to your wish list. An automated email will warn you when available

Send us your input, we'd love to hear from you!


 Hobby News! 

 Aircraft Skies 

The kit of the week is Revell of Germany 1/32 He.219A-0. At this price, it's hard to not be tempted! this kit is loaded with "goodies"

Eduard is coming with a "slew" of new items, including a 1/48 SE-5a Wolseley Viper. The Spad XIII is a re-issue. What about that gorgeous 1/48 Bf.109G-14 Profi-Pack?

We should note Roden 1/32 O2 Skymaster. This kit is difficult to keep in stock. We are going to make sure to secure a number of these kits on the next restock

 Armor Mud 

Dragon 1/35 MIM-104C Patriot is ready to take on the threat of North Korea! or the threat of any importune visitor to your modeling room... But the enemy is striking with Trumpeter 1/35 North Korea Hwasong-5 Short Range Ballistic Missile.. with a counter-counter strike by Trumpeter 1/35 THAAD Missile System. You can have WW III on your workbench! (don't flame me for this comment - I'm as scared as you are)

Miniart 1/35 T-55A Early with full interior might be interesting. This company has good quality plastic and is usually accurate. Trumpeter came out with a 1/16 GIANT T-72B/B1


This week, I will highlight the AK Interactive line of paint, accessories and reference material. This is a VERY PROLIFIC product line and most of it is available on


Are you interested in LARGE SCALE MODELS?

Field of Armor Tanks (an affiliate of Kitlinx) has finished a commission build of a 1/6 scale Nashorn tank. You can view this beast on Kitlinx FB page


The 12-days of Christmas is now completed - 24 kits at EXTREMELY HIGH discounts

This sale will last until Monday January 8th, 5PM MST , and these kits will be back with normal pricing


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