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9/22/2022 @ 2:23pm
Newsletter Sep.22
Kitlinx Newsletter - Sep.23, 2022   What's New? Early Newsletter this week! The sale will last until Monday... ...View More
9/19/2022 @ 9:03am
Newsletter Sep.16
Kitlinx Newsletter - Sep.16, 2022   What's New? Kitlinx in cooperation with its retail outlets MRS Hobbyshops sold...View More
9/9/2022 @ 5:57pm
Newsletter Sep.9
Kitlinx Newsletter - Sep.9, 2022   What's New? Do you like German sausage? One is coming to your favorite Hobbysho...View More
9/2/2022 @ 12:30pm
Newsletter Sep.2
Kitlinx Newsletter - Sep.2, 2022 Happy Labor Day!  Monday Sep.5 is a holiday in the US   What's New? Ki...View More
8/26/2022 @ 2:59pm
Newsletter Aug.26
Kitlinx Newsletter - August 26, 2022   What's New? Check the interesting Gunze Accessories we got in stock at t...View More
8/19/2022 @ 4:39pm
Newsletter Aug.19
Kitlinx Newsletter - August 19, 2022     What's New? The Payment process has CHANGED at Kitlinx. Now al...View More
8/12/2022 @ 2:04pm
Newsletter Aug.12
Kitlinx Newsletter - August 12, 2022   Tips from Kitlinx Postage and Shipping Companies USPS Priority Mail ...View More
8/5/2022 @ 5:19pm
Newsletter Aug.5
Kitlinx Newsletter - August 5, 2022   Breaking News What a week! Look below at the OVERFLOW of NEW releases. It'...View More
7/29/2022 @ 5:31pm
Newsletter July 29
Kitlinx Newsletter - July 29, 2022   Breaking News Added more IPMS goodies, Babibi and Phantom Phreaks. We are putt...View More
7/25/2022 @ 5:29pm
Newsletter July 25
Kitlinx Newsletter - July 25, 2022 - IPMS Nationals SPECIAL!!   2022 IPMS Nationals Since Kitlinx did not publish a Ne...View More