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This is a great opportunity to get kits NOT IN PRODUCTION or RARE

Kitlinx Buys Collections


1. At least over 100 models/books/accessories

2. Kits should be in SALEABLE conditions. If boxes are damaged, please indicate. Content of the product should be in ORIGINAL condition

3. Kitlinx is based in Utah. If you live on the East Coast or lower Southern States, please understand that shipping to Utah may be negotiated in the "deal"

4. Send Kitlinx a list of SKU/CODE and Quantity of each item in a digital file, separated by tab (excel or text file) to i.e. Each kit has a manufacturer's name, and a number. SEE BELOW FOR SAMPLE LIST

5. When the offer is accepted, Kitlinx will request measurements on shipping boxes, and send FedEx labels. If the collection is VERY LARGE, a pallet might be more economical

Collections For Sale

Narrative War Books Deal

Kitlinx acquired about 2,000 used books, mostly on WW I and WW II subjects. It's mainly a "narrative book". Kitlinx is offering 8 BOXES of these books at a FLAT RATE of $5-per-book. Click on this link. Write the title of the book you wish to purchase in the "Special Instructions" during the last-step of the check-out. We will mark the sold books with an "X" on the picture. These 8 boxes are a small sample of this collection. More will be added as interest increases.

FREE Built-Models Deal - Over 500+ offered!

When you order over $100, $200, $300, etc. worth in ONE Kitlinx order, you can chose any of the models offered, fully painted, fully built. All you pay is the shipping weight/handling of a 2lbs package. You can find the models here! Click on this link.

Sample of Digital List

tab or comma delimited excel or text file

TAMIYA 35161 1
TAMIYA 35110 1
TAMIYA 35108 1
TAMIYA 35112 1
FUJIMI 310022 3
FUJIMI 48005 2
FUJIMI 48006 1
FUJIMI 48003 4
FUJIMI 861 1
FUJIMI 860 1
FUJIMI 200 1
FUJIMI 7A715 1
ZVEZDA 4802 2
ZVEZDA 7284 2
ZVEZDA 7282 2
ZVEZDA 7269 1
DML 5573 1
DML 5552 1

10/22/2021 @ 3:28pm
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