Ordering Policies at Kitlinx

Shipping Policy

Shipping is simple. The website offers a list of shipping options at checkout, from FedEx, UPS to US Postal Service. Select a shipping option. If you feel that the automated rates are inaccurate, please let us know for verification.

USPS 1st Class offers tracking numbers in the US. Tracking information for foreign customers is only available until it reaches a US Port of Exit

Parts Missing

Kitlinx do NOT open kits or accessories. Manufacturers are responsible for the accuracy of their packaging. Kitlinx will first refer the customer to the Manufacturer if a part is missing. If the Manufacturer do not respond to the mistake, Kitlinx will gladly procure the part(s) to the customer if still available. Please be patient during this process

International Customers: Due to the high cost of shipping, Kitlinx will gladly resolve a QC manufacturing issue, but the customer is responsible for the shipping cost OR can combine the part to a current order.


Kitlinx has strict procedures to check/double check products before it ships to customers. But as any operations shipping 1,000s of products, some mistakes could occur. Please contact Kitlinx about any mistake. Most often, we will ask you to ship the product back IF YOU RESIDE IN THE US. Foreign customers may be asked to combine an order with the re-shipment of a corrected piece to limit the shipping liability

Shipping Corrections

Kitlinx uses an automated software to calculate shipping costs. It is based on "calculated weight" depending if the product is a kit, accessory, decals, book. Sometimes, this calculated shipping is under-charged (especially on large & light kits entering the "dimensional weight" criteria) or over-charged if the weight is wrong. Kitlinx NOTIFIES customers on the first couple orders when a credit is given. After a few transactions, Kitlinx still provides the shipping credit, but do NOT inform the customer. Please make sure to USE YOUR CREDITS at the payment step during check-out (just check the box if a credit appears!)

Order Cancellation/Product Return

Kitlinx provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee experience. Products can be returned, and order can be cancelled for a full refund. A 4% credit card/Paypal fee is charged on ANY cancellation/return. Merchant Services have already charged this amount to the order

Return Policy

Kitlinx will accept returns after an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization number) has been provided from Kitlinx Customer Service. Returns will be accepted up to 30 days from receipt of the merchandise for a FULL REFUND. To receive a full refund, merchandise needs to be in its original form, including plastic wrapping (if provided).

Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Damaged merchandise will be dealt with on an individual basis, including making insurance claims to the shipping company. Do NOT accept a damaged box unless you inspect the contents, and make sure to file a claim with the shipping company.

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