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3/27/2020 @ 4:20pm
Newsletter March 27
Kitlinx Newsletter - March 27, 2020 Your feedback: Very pleased. I remember the Douglas Models Shop on 5th St in SLC. Went int...View More
3/26/2020 @ 3:43pm
Special Deal! XtraColors
Kitlinx Newsletter - March 26, 2020   Dear <name>, Thank you for shopping at Kitlinx, llc!   SPECIAL DEA...View More
3/20/2020 @ 5:20pm
Newsletter March 20
Kitlinx Newsletter - March 20, 2020   Your feedback: I'm very pleased with the products. The saw blades work well ...View More
3/13/2020 @ 3:48pm
Newsletter March 13
Kitlinx Newsletter - March 13, 2020 FRIDAY THE 13TH!   Your feedback: John from Colorado just earned $5 credit! ...View More
3/6/2020 @ 6:11pm
Newsletter March 6
Kitlinx Newsletter - March 6, 2020   Your feedback: Just picked up your parcel this morning so from your order date ti...View More
2/28/2020 @ 4:24pm
Newsletter Feb.21
Kitlinx Newsletter - Feb.21st, 2020   Your feedback: Michael from Virginia just earned $5 credit!    W...View More
2/20/2020 @ 10:07pm
Newsletter Feb.21
Kitlinx Newsletter - Feb.21st, 2020   Your feedback: It's always a pleasure to order from Kitlinx. I can get produ...View More
2/14/2020 @ 1:47pm
Newsletter Feb.14
Kitlinx Newsletter - Feb.14th, 2020   Your feedback: Always a pleasure dealing with these folks. Best inventory going,...View More
2/7/2020 @ 4:46pm
Newsletter Feb.7
Kitlinx Newsletter - Feb.7th, 2020   Your feedback: Just responding to your email concerning shopping experience. ...View More
2/1/2020 @ 2:55pm
Newsletter Feb.1
Kitlinx Newsletter - Feb.1st, 2020   THE NUMBERS: SKUs in stock at  15,325 Available on Kitlinx W...View More