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12/1/2022 @ 3:04pm
Newsletter Dec.1
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11/25/2022 @ 3:44pm
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11/10/2022 @ 3:15pm
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11/3/2022 @ 1:17pm
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Kitlinx Newsletter - Nov.3, 2022   What's New? Kitlinx is working very hard on that HUGE 1,200 kits collection,...View More
10/27/2022 @ 4:43pm
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10/19/2022 @ 5:14pm
Newsletter Oct.20
Kitlinx Newsletter - Oct.20, 2022   What's New? Kitlinx has received a HUGE collection of about 1,200 kits! We ...View More
10/13/2022 @ 4:01pm
Newsletter Oct.13
Kitlinx Newsletter - Oct.13, 2022   What's New? Kitlinx has received a CAR collection. About 30 cars in 1/24 an...View More
10/6/2022 @ 2:36pm
Newsletter Oct.6
Kitlinx Newsletter - Oct.6, 2022   What's New? Kitlinx is now showing Humbrol Acrylics, mostly in stock  ...View More
9/29/2022 @ 3:43pm
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Kitlinx Newsletter - Sep.23, 2022   What's New? Now the Newsletter will appear on Thursday night... it leaves y...View More