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3/16/2023 @ 12:11pm
Newsletter Mar.16
Kitlinx Newsletter - Mar.16, 2023   What's New? Arma Hobby 1/72 P-39Q Airacobra won "kit of the year 2023...View More
3/9/2023 @ 5:10pm
Newsletter Mar.9
Kitlinx Newsletter - Mar.9, 2023   What's New? You may have noticed that our lines of Trumpeter, Italeri, Acad...View More
3/2/2023 @ 3:49pm
Newsletter Mar.2
Kitlinx Newsletter - Mar.2, 2023   What's New? ICM53054 1/35 CH-54A Tarhe Heavy helicopter landed on Tuesday o...View More
2/23/2023 @ 5:11pm
Newsletter Feb.23
Kitlinx Newsletter - Feb.23, 2023   What's New? First, the "mother-of-all-snow-storm" has hit Utah o...View More
2/18/2023 @ 8:19am
Flash News Feb.18
Kitlinx Flash News - Feb.17, 2023 Dear <name>, Thank you for shopping at Kitlinx, llc!   UPS Ground and USPS Pr...View More
2/16/2023 @ 12:36pm
Newsletter Feb.16
Kitlinx Newsletter - Feb.16, 2023   What's New? Updated the lines Funko Pop! figurines (almost 500 choices! DO...View More
2/9/2023 @ 5:33pm
Newsletter Feb.9
Kitlinx Newsletter - Feb.9, 2023   What's New? NEW SERVER!! Kitlinx has now a new and improved/faster server. ...View More
1/26/2023 @ 4:14pm
Newsletter Jan.26
Kitlinx Newsletter - Jan.26, 2023   What's New? Received full restock Woodland Scenics diorama grass/rocks G...View More
1/19/2023 @ 12:36pm
Newsletter Jan.19
Kitlinx Newsletter - Jan.19, 2023     Your Feedback:   Nice decal set with some unusual Spitfires, neede...View More