North-American B-25C/D Mitchell Part 2 #LLD72040

North-American B-25C/D Mitchell Part 2

Mfg Sugg. Price: $30.93
Today's Price: $24.74
You Save: $6.19

SKU: LLD72040
Scale: 1/72
Weight: 0.16 lbs.
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Release Date: 09/05/2019
Status: Special Order in Europe, Ships in less than 2 weeks



Aircraft decals (military) NEW TOOLING 2018345BG B-25*B-25D, 41-30278, G«£HellG«÷s FireG«•, 500BS/345BG (sharkG«÷s teeth, snorting horse emblem)*B-25D, 41-30592, G«£Mexican SpitfireG«•, 498BS/345BG (nose art and snorting horse emblem)*B-25D, 4


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