Focke-Wulf Fw.190A-4 #PCM32011A4


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Focke-Wulf Fw.190A-4

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SKU: PCM32011A4
Scale: 1/32
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Includes three resin detail parts and 6 decal choices and PE set. Still includes the full decals of the Fw.190A-1/2/3 versions


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Focke-Wulf Fw.190A-4

The Fw.190A-4 variant was the last version before the wing root and cowling were extended (A-5 to A-8 versions). The slight variations with the Fw.190A-1/2/3 was the antenna mast protruding from the tail, and later variants of A-4 had exhaust "louvers", rather than the open slots. The armored head rest also changed mid-way in this production. Both head rests are included in the kit

Above picture provided by the excellent article of the IPMS Please click on link to read more about details on conversions


This kit includes all injection/resin/PE of the PCM32011 Fw.190A-1/2/3 kit, but add the above changes in resin

VIEW CONVERSION INSTRUCTIONS HERE (click here). You can print this PDF file

Pacific Coast is also offering important accessories for this variant:

  • Fw.190A-4/R6 under-wing Werfer-Granate 21 (BR 21) rocket mortars (offered by Eduard 632034)
  • Fw.190A-4/U1 outfitted with an ETC 501 rack under the fuselage. MG 151 were removed - ETC 501 and 250 kg bombs offered as separate sets by Pacific Coast
  • Fw.190A-4/U7 high altitude fighter, with compressor air intakes on either side of cowling. (offered by EagleParts EE3255)
  • Fw.190A-4/U8 Jabo-Rei (Long Range fighter-bomber). Add two standard 300-liter drop tanks, one under each wing, on VTr-Ju 87 racks and a centerline ETC 501 bomb rack. Outer wing 20mm MG FF cannons and cowling 7.92mm MG were removed to save weight. These accessory sets are offered by Pacific Coast, including SD 250 and SC 250 bombs
  • Country: Italy
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Skill Level: 4
  • Model Length: 10 1/2 in (267 mm)
  • Model Width: 13.0" (330 mm)
  • Parts: Limited run injection kit, with resin, photo-etch and clear parts
  • Decals: Cartograph
  • Suitable for ages 14 and older

Below are the NEW parts for the A-4 version. Antenna mast and louvers on engine exhausts (early A-4 versions had no louvers)


Actual build up of this kit:



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