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Newsletter Jan 3

1/3/2020 @ 4:30pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - Jan. 3rd, 2020  Happy New Year!



SKUs in stock at Kitlinx.com:  15,470

Available on Kitlinx Website from Suppliers: 86,623


Your feedback:

Thank heavens for Kitlinx!  In one form or another y'all have been doing great model-things for years.  Thank-you!

Jerry from Colorado just earned $5 credit! 


Always great service and timely delivery, and the absolute best inventory

James from Indiana just earned $5 credit!


Let's talk FRAUD!

The modeling industry has a very HONEST customer base. Running GreatModels for 15 years, I've always been impressed with the honesty of our customers. GreatModels dealt with RC high-cost items during a short period, and we had a sudden spike of fraudulent transactions ($17,000 in one year!). But the plastic model Industry is usually not worth the trouble to Fraudsters.

International Fraud: Kitlinx experienced some fraudulent transactions coming from Mexico. The NEW POLICY is: South/Central American Countries should pay via Paypal, at least for a few transactions. Then the customers can pay with Credit Cards. Customers from these countries who have purchased from Kitlinx over 2 months ago are "Established Customers". Many of our "Central/South American" customers use a US shipping address which does not apply to this policy.

NEW eBay Fraud: We have experienced a new way of Fraud. An eBay seller will sell a kit to a US customer, and provide it by purchasing it from a US vendor. The Vendor sends the kit to the customer, and the eBay vendor claims that the kit was never received since it was shipped to a different address, or using a stolen credit card. The vendor or the US customer will be out of their funds... NEW POLICY: if an order ships to a DIFFERENT ADDRESS then the billing-address of the buyer, it should use Paypal or the buyer should have an established account with Kitlinx (over 2 months of purchases). After spending some time with eBay Fraud Prevention, they were just polite...


The holidays (Christmas and New Year) is always delaying supplier's packages. Please be patient as we are expecting a SLEW of arrivals on Monday

Two lines ON SALE!

Engine & Things and Planet Models!

up to 20% EXTRA discounts on about 1,300 HOT items! (prices already discounted on products)

Sale active until January 2nd, 2020! 12pm MST (or if inventory is depleted)



Many lines were updated and cleaned this week!

  • Model Alliance Decals

  • Mini World Aircraft Accessories

  • Engine & Things - This line was very important to Roll Models. We have added missing pictures. 347 engines in stock, all scales!

  • Planet Models - resin kit of some weird and beautiful aircraft. 289 products listed with 183 in stock! 


DIFFERENT FORMAT on this first Newsletter as we start the NEW YEAR. 

Below are the BEST SELLERS of 2019 in respective categories


Aircraft Kits: 2019 BEST SELLERS
EDU11134 P-51Ds 'Chattanooga' WWII Fighter w/Tail Fin (Ltd Edition Plastic Kit) Eduard Models
ARX9186 Bristol Blenheim Mk IF Bomber (New Tool) Airfix
AGK88007 F-14D Super Tomcat Fighter (New Tool) AMK Model Kits
TAM61119 Supermarine Spitfire Mk I Aircraft Tamiya
EDU82101 P-51D-5 Profipack Eduard Models
MMI11671 T-34A Mentor Aircraft (New Tool) Minicraft
WNW32601 Albatros D.V "Manfred von Richthofen" Wingnut Wings
RVL5688 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.V 'Iron Maiden' Gift Set Revell of Germany
TAM61120 Lockheed P-38F/G Lightning Tamiya
RVL3943 Bristol Beaufighter T.F. X Aircraft (New Tool) Revell of Germany
ARX9185 Hawker Hunter F6 Fighter (New Tool) Airfix
ARX6021 Blackburn Buccaneer S Mk 2 RB Aircraft (New Tooling) Airfix
CSMK32002 Nieuport 17 Late Copper State Models
ARX5135 Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk.XIV Airfix
HKM01E021 Do.335B-6 Night Fighter HK Models
EDU82121 Tempest Mk V Series 1 Aircraft (Profi-Pack Plastic Kit) Eduard Models



Armor Kits: 2019 BEST SELLERS
DW35003 Faun L900 Truck with Sd.Ah. 115 Trailer Das Werk
TAM12687 US M-551 Sheridan Metal Gun Barrel Set Tamiya
DML3606 M-48 (AVLN) Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge DML/Dragon Models
TAO2109 Fries Kran 16t Strabokran 1943-44 Production Crane Takom
BRM35001 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G mid/late Border Models
TAO2117 US M-46 Patton Medium Tank Takom
AFV35034 M35A1 Vietnam Gun Truck AFV Club
AUH35A016 WW II Project: E-100 8.8cm Flakzwilling Amusing Hobby
AUH48A001 Focke-Wulf Triebflugal Amusing Hobby
AFV35S15 U.S. WC-51 3/4 Ton 4x4 Jeep Weapons Carrier AFV Club
AFV35105 M5A1 Light Tank Stuart AFV Club
AFV35100 MK 5/1 Centurion Tank AFV Club



Ship Kits: 2019 BEST SELLERS
TSM3711 USS Yorktown CV5 Aircraft Carrier Trumpeter Models
AAN352 USS Forrest Sherman Guided Missile Destroyer (formerly Revell) Atlantis Models
TSM5631 USS Langley CV-1 Aircraft Carrier Trumpeter Models
TSM5356 Taszkient Russian Destroyer 1940 Trumpeter Models
IBG70008 HMS Glowworm 1938 British G-class destroyer IBG Models


 Hot Wheels 

Car Kits: 2019 BEST SELLERS
TAM24346 Ford GT Sports Car Tamiya
MOE1238 Dyno Don Nicholson's 1965 A/FX Mercury Comet Cyclone Drag Car (Ltd Prod) Moebius
AAN6651 Tom Daniel's T'rantula Dragster (Snap) (formerly Monogram) Atlantis Models
AAN1402 Mobilegas White Gas Truck w/2 Figures (formerly Revell) Atlantis Models


Space & Sci-Fi 

Sci-Fi Kits: 2019 BEST SELLERS
BAN5057624 Star Wars A New Hope: Star Destroyer w/in-scale Millennium Falcon & Blockade Runner Bandai
MPC913 Space 1999: Eagle Transporter 14" MPC
BAN215632 Star Wars: AT-ST Transport Walker & Snowspeeder Bandai
RMX6459 Star Wars: Imperial Star Destroyer Revell_USA
PLL966 Star Trek USS Enterprise NX01 (Snap) Polar_Lights
PLL961 Star Trek USS Discovery Polar_Lights
BAN5057625 Star Wars A New Hope: Star Destroyer LED Lighted w/in-scale Millennium Falcon & Blockade Runner (First Production Ltd Edition) Bandai
BAN214502 Star Wars: Tie Advanced x1 & Tie Fighter Set Bandai


 Book Worm 

Books: 2019 BEST SELLERS
AKI287 Real Colors of WWII - Aircraft Book (See Low Price!) AK Interactive
NB040 Vol. 40 - Bussing Schwere Pz.Spahwagen Pt.3: Sd.Kfz.234 8-Rad and Variants Nuts & Bolts
WSDA109 Salmson 2A2 Albatros Publications
VLWAM12 Airframe & Miniature 12: The Supermarine Spitfire Part 1 Merlin-Powered including the Seafire Valiant Wings Publishing
SAMSD09 SP#9 Scaled Down - The Fairchild Republic A-10 Warthog SAM Publications
NB038 Vol. 38 - Jagdpanzer IV Part 2: L/70 (Sd.Kfz. 162/1) Nuts & Bolts
BWP9006 Panther and Jagdpanther Units: Eastern Front from Operation Bagration to Berlin Pt.3 Bookworld Publishing
HMHP005 Duke Hawkins: Panavia Tornado HMH-Publications
EELWBCSP02 Wings of the Black Cross Special No.2 - Ju.87 Eagle Editions
EELWBCSP01 Wings of the Black Cross Special No.1 - Bf.110 Eagle Editions
ADH178 How to Build Tamiya's 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I ADH Publishing


 The Bench 

Tools: 2019 BEST SELLERS (excluding paints)
TAM87038 Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement Tamiya Accessories
WR0035 Precision Punch Die Set Waldron Accessories
TAM87131 Black Panel Line Accent Color (40ml Bottle) Tamiya
TAM81044 Paint Mixing Jar Mini Round (10ml Bottle) Tamiya
GUZ285 Mr. Surfacer 500 Gunze Sangyo
TAM87034 Tamiya Masking Tape Refill 10mm Tamiya Accessories
BAD16604 Cleaner 1oz. Badger
ALC307 Airbrush Cleaner Alclad Metalizers
TAM87012 20ml Plastic Cement Tamiya Accessories
GUZT106 Mr. Color Leveling Thinner 110ml Gunze Sangyo
GUZ284 Mr. Surfacer 1000 Gunze Sangyo
ABANST05 0.5mm(outer) x 0.3mm(inner) x 12in (2) Albion Alloys



Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in upcoming weeks/months! 

1/48 - ICM Models - ICM48260 - Heinkel He.111Z-1 “Zwilling", WWII German Glider Tug (1st Quarter 2020) - Pre-Order Item

Air Connection - AIR004 - Camouflage and Markings of the Panzerwaffe

Trumpeter 1/200 Titanic IS COMING NOW! Grab it while you can! (change of code)


Check your order status!  

  • Kitlinx is a "broker" of models, books and accessories (KIT↔LINKS). It means we have ~16,000 in stock items, especially the HOTTEST products. But we source ~70,000 additional products, in the US and abroad - remember that's why Loic came back to the business. NO ONE in our industry offers a similar system at this operational scale.

  • Look at the STATUS on each item page. When it says "Special Order in Europe, Ships in less than 2 weeks"... we mean it! Actually, it's an estimate (Kitlinx does not control the Postal Service or Customs). Our international order made on Monday arrived Friday!! That's the best we've seen...

  • Look at your ORDER STATUS - Kitlinx offers an update on items we source. There is an "expected date" on each sourced item (that's when Kitlinx receives the product). 

  • Watch for MULTIPLE items. Some customers order x10 of one product. Even distributors might not have those quantities. Orders are held, if NOT COMPLETE.

  • NO "expected date" on ONE of your ordered product? It will HOLD your order, so please "MAKE A DECISION"... that probably means the supplier sold out (between updates - that's why our NEW system coming later this year will automate this process). Suppliers restock often, but Kitlinx does not control their business. After 30-days, if Kitlinx receives no communication from customer, the missing item will be refunded/credited and your remaining order will ship automatically.


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