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Special Deal! XtraColors

3/26/2020 @ 3:43pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - March 26, 2020


Dear <name>, Thank you for shopping at Kitlinx, llc!



Kitlinx is re-ordering the XtraColor Enamel Paints (click the link). Many of our customers LOVE these paints. 

FOR 10 DAYS, until April 6th, Kitlinx is showing the ENTIRE LINE, including the 53 paints we are sold out

After April 6th, Kitlinx will place its order to the oversea supplier, including the cumbersome paperwork for hazardous material that these "inoffensive" little tins fall under... but the law is the law!


Please email me the REASONS behind XtraColors' success. Please share your experience with these paints

and stay safe!

Your Kitlinx Team

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