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Newsletter April 17

4/18/2020 @ 1:49pm

Dear <name>, Thank you for shopping at Kitlinx, llc!


Hints from the Pros:

Modeling Question? 

These type of questions are BEST on Facebook (FB). You can use Kitlinx FB Modelers page, but also (my favorite) is the FB “Mediocre Modelers

Another favorite is Mission Models FB fan page. All these Facebook website are interactive, and YOU can post on it, receive answers, share photos and ideas. It is "social media", so please be respectful 

Search made Easy

The "top search box" is YOUR BEST FRIEND (box on the Blue line on Computers, below the red line on your SmartPhone)

  • Use "Multiple Keywords" separated by a space - like "P-51D 1/48 wheel" will give you 23 results

  • Scale is 1/48, 1/72, etc. use the "/" right slash symbol

  • Search for specific manufacturer, use the "_" underscore symbol. Eduard from Czech Republic is Eduard_ or Eduard_Models

  • Just want to know what's IN STOCK, ready to ship NOW? just add "instock" to your search - like "P-51D 1/48 wheel instock" will give you 7 results (it might change tomorrow!)

  • lower case or UPPER case does NOT matter (but it matters to login with username and password which are case sensitive)

  • The "Advanced Search" is next to the "top search box". Some drop down selections are offered. But if you know what you want, that "top search box" is all you need

  • Don't forget the "Related Items, click Here" often added in many product page (45,000 items inter-connected). This link is pre-programmed to take you to related items


Your Feedback:

I want to thank you for being at kitlinx, during this uncertain times. The order might take longer, it is will worth the wait. Because your health and safety is far more important than my order. I did receive it, it was well packed. Thank you again and stay safe. Best regards


Tim from Washington State just earned $5 credit!


Your service and products are top notch, consistently the best of all I shop at. Thanks for being there for us modelers!

Joel from Arkansas just earned $5 credit!


The "Elephant in the Room":

Many of you have heard the BAD NEWS that Wingnuts Wings has ceased operation, and all it personnel was laid off. Their website paints an ambiguous picture, stating that it's COVID-19 related and they will resume operation after this crisis. Other sources are stating that the problem is deeper, and molds are being sold off. Hyperscale has a good article.

In "PRACTICALITY", it means that our marvelous inventory of over 50 kits IN STOCK were depleted in 3 days to now about 6 kits... We have JUST UPDATED the availability of suppliers, and we know what's available and not. But on Monday, Kitlinx will be sourcing the missing kits, and we have phased out the kits not available. Order Status was updated as well, so if the kit was assigned to your account, YOU ARE LUCKY! If not, but the kit is still available at a supplier, then let Kitlinx work "its magic" [we have multiple suppliers]

Sadly, if kits cannot be sourced, the orders will be refunded by mid-week - there is NO POINT to let our customers hope for kits Kitlinx cannot source

Lastly, Kitlinx was "forced" to increase some prices of Wingnut Wings kits effective immediately (not retro-active), because some of its sources are in Europe, and shipping costs "over the pond" has increased by x2 to x3 folds




The total 'official tally of infected people in the State of Utah' is 2,793 (41% increase from last week - still coming down - 23 deaths). Utah is still "stay-at-home" mandate, but not on lock-down. We have a reduced crew, and Loic's wife is taking the place of packers to limit the liability. We are open and "busier- than- ever"

  • Our Mail Order business is still picking up. Please be patient as additional challenges are met, but we are processing orders regularly. Please use your "Order Status" to save Kitlinx employee's time!
  • FedEx and USPS are NOT affected by States "Lock-Down". Shipments are still moving in and out uninterrupted
  • International Shipment are delays by 'at least' ONE week. Also, we received some damaged boxes as they stay on wet airport tarmac
  • "Local Pickup" are temporarily discontinued until further notice. We want to do our parts in "physical distancing" 
  • If you are on "Lock Down", please remember that it might be a golden opportunity to finish your modeling projects or starting fun ones... and share your hobby-skills with those pesky kids stuck with you in the house!


NOTICE: Yellow highlights are very HOT




Have you noticed how "Armor Models" new releases have slowed down in the last few weeks? It seems like many of these NEW releases are coming from China, and they are still restarting their economy and reorganizing their shipping routes




 Hot Wheels 


Space & Sci-Fi 


 Book Worm 

Yes, we received Air Connection - AIR004 - Camouflage and Markings of the Panzerwaffe. But it was sold out as soon as it arrived. We have another batch of books coming this week, and a third batch following shortly. This reference is AMAZING! Well documented and full of b&w photos, with unit organizations, unit markings, and the variations of colors in the Panzerwaffe. We were impressed by the 60 pages of color profiles at the end of this heavy hitter...


JJ Fedorowicz Publishing - FP104 - Charging Knights on the Eastern Front: Combat History of the Schwere Pz.Abt.505 was also received, and we are going to order more. It is also a reference material about this famous unit. It goes along the best large format of JJ Fedorowicz with color profiles, unit history, etc.


 The Bench 


Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in upcoming weeks/months! 

  1/32 - Silver Wings - SVW32022 - de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth - Pre-Order Item

  1/35 - AFV Club - AFV35323 - US Army Truck & King Cobra Tank w/M113 & M54 Guns

1/32 Ju EF-126 'Elli' / EF-127 'Walli' (3 in 1 kit) Luftwaffe 1946

1/48 DeHavilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 


Check your order status!  

  • Kitlinx is a "broker" of models, books and accessories (KIT↔LINKS). It means we have ~15,000 in stock items, especially the HOTTEST products. But we source ~75,000 additional products, in the US and abroad - remember that's why Loic came back to the business. NO ONE in our industry offers a similar system at this operational scale.

  • Look at the STATUS on each item. When it says "Special Order in Europe, Ships in less than 2 weeks"... we mean it! Actually, it's an estimate (Kitlinx does not control the Postal Service or Customs). Our international order made on Monday arrived Friday!! That's the best we've seen... Faster than UPS/FedEx Ground from the East Coast to Utah!

  • Look at your ORDER STATUS - Kitlinx offers an update on items we source. There is an "expected date" on each sourced item (that's when Kitlinx receives the product). 

  • Watch for MULTIPLE items. Some customers order x10 of one product. Even distributors might not have those quantities. Orders are held, if NOT COMPLETE.

  • NO "expected date" on ONE of your ordered product? It will HOLD your order, so please "MAKE A DECISION"... that probably means the supplier sold out (between updates - that's why our NEW system coming later this year will automate this process). Suppliers restock often, but Kitlinx does not control their business. After 30-days, if Kitlinx receives no communication from customer, the missing item will be refunded/credited and your remaining order will ship automatically.

Phone Calls: 801-815-0677. Some of our valued customers want to talk to a LIVE agent. This phone is available because of Internet and Credit Card policies. Kitlinx would LOVE to talk to you, but we don't have the manpower for these voice calls. If you ABSOLUTELY NEED TO TALK to a Kitlinx Rep, please SEND A TEXT at this number, and we will return your call. Remember that the time we spend on the phone is not spent in processing shipments or updating the website - 90% of the inquiries are about "Order Status". You can see your "Order Status" online

Email is still the BEST communication tool


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