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Newsletter May 15

5/15/2020 @ 8:46am

Kitlinx Newsletter - May 14, 2020 (Early Newsletter this week)


Your Feedback:

In reference to your latest email, I can understand the delays in getting things across the "pond". However, all my deliveries are delayed now at the local distribution center ten miles from my house. I have had packages sitting in there for up to 7 days. And size does not make a difference the flat package with my recent KL purchase of decals, sat for 3 days while a larger package passed them by. I don't know if it is a lack of manpower due to COVID or the higher volume they are supposedly seeing right now. Either way, it is frustrating. Well done on my order BTW


John from Ohio just earned $5 credit!


Great service ,selections, and prices!  When I add items to my wish list or preorder I have been promptly notified when items are available.  Even with the Covid madness I have had no trouble.  Thanks for your efforts!

William from Kansas just earned $5 credit!



The total 'official tally of infected people in the State of Utah' is 6,432 (12% increase from last week). 

The State of Utah is "back in business". All but a couple cities (Salt Lake City & West Valley City) have the COVID restrictions lifted. Kitlinx will stop reporting this issue unless these events interfere with the operation



SALE: This week, we chose ~ 300 Tools & Weathering discounted!

Click Here for Sale?  

20% EXTRA discounts (prices already discounted on products)

Sale active until May.18th, 2020! 12pm MST (or when inventory is depleted)


Mission Models Polyurethane

Following up on our comments to discontinue the "Poly additive" in the MMP line. First some constructive comments by a customer (Mike in Arizona)

"Re Mission Model Paint Poly: MMP paint is pretty ordinary without Poly. Poly enhances the durability greatly and helps with self-leveling. There is an alternative that I have experimented with. It’s called CP-30. It is John from Model Paint Solutions formula and seems to work well. It is 30% paint, 60% MMP thinner, 5% Flow Aid (Liquitex) and 5% Tamiya retarder. Just FYI. Keep on truckin, friend"

We still have a few bottles of MMP NEW Polyurethane. They are available for sale on the website

Second, Loic is experimenting with a "trick he learned in the resin casting business" (Field of Armor Tanks is our sister company, manufacturing 1/6th scale tanks with many resin accessories). We have taken THREE bottles of Poly, and put half in the same number of empty bottles. Three of these bottles were topped off with inert gas (one with and one without inert gas left in our fridge). We will check monthly if the oxidation process of the Polyurethane is slowed or eliminated in these bottles... and let you know!


European Box Delay Update

As we explained in our latest "Breaking News" email this week, ONE of our European box is missing. The problem is the vendor put BOTH stickers for tracking on the SAME box - and the customs papers are missing on the first box. It contains a HUGE order of accessories... and LOTS of Wingnut Wings - now Out of Production kits (Goering D.VII and Barker Sopwith Snipe). This issue is fairly new, so we will be patient a few more days before we cover our liabilities and re-order all the accessories. Hundreds of orders are delays by this mess-up


NOTICE: Yellow highlights are very HOT


The "Super Tomcat" has landed again! Grab yours before it flies away again...

Let's talk about "Airfix". ONE of the many "perks" of Kitlinx, which is our connection with European supply. Airfix comes to Kitlinx MONTHS before it hits the US Coasts. One example is this beautiful kit below "1/72 Blackburn Buccaneer S.2C", which arrived on Kitlinx shelves in October 2019 - while US supplies started in mid-March 2020. We can't wait for the "1/48 Sea Vixen"!!


Warehouse Cleanup

We are listing a number of kits we put aside with "Damaged Boxes". Some are Out of Production. The plastic parts are unaffected, as well as decals or instructions. These are "DEALS" for builders (not collectors). If it shows a NUMBER IN STOCK, then it is in stock!






 Hot Wheels 


Space & Sci-Fi 


 Book Worm 


 The Bench 

Around 230 AK Interactive Acrylics paints now available in the US! Too many of them to list as NEW releases...


Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in upcoming weeks/months! 

HINT: This book collection from Valiant is definitely for serious modelers... HOT books flying off the shelves. Try them


  1/35 - AFV Club - AFV35323 - US Army Truck & King Cobra Tank w/M113 & M54 Guns

1/32 Ju EF-126 'Elli' / EF-127 'Walli' (3 in 1 kit) Luftwaffe 1946

1/48 DeHavilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 


Check your order status!  

  • Kitlinx is a "broker" of models, books and accessories (KIT↔LINKS). It means we have ~15,000 in stock items, especially the HOTTEST products. But we source ~75,000 additional products, in the US and abroad - remember that's why Loic came back to the business. NO ONE in our industry offers a similar system at this operational scale.

  • Look at the STATUS on each item. When it says "Special Order in Europe, Ships in less than 2 weeks"... we mean it! Actually, it's an estimate (Kitlinx does not control the Postal Service or Customs). One international order made on Monday arrived Friday!! That's the best we've seen.. (Pre-COVID). Faster than UPS/FedEx Ground from the East Coast to Utah!

  • Look at your ORDER STATUS - Kitlinx offers an update on items we source. There is an "expected date" on each sourced item (that's when Kitlinx receives the product). 

  • Watch for MULTIPLE items. Some customers order x10 of one product. Even distributors might not have those quantities. Orders are held, if NOT COMPLETE.

  • NO "expected date" on ONE of your ordered product? It will HOLD your order, so please "MAKE A DECISION"... that probably means the supplier sold out (between updates - that's why our NEW system coming later this year will automate this process). Suppliers restock often, but Kitlinx does not control their business. After 30-days, if Kitlinx receives no communication from customer, the missing item will be refunded/credited and your remaining order will ship automatically.

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