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Newsletter May 29

5/30/2020 @ 11:35am

Kitlinx Newsletter - May 29, 2020


Your Feedback:

I have been a customer of Loic since his GreatModels days. I was so thrilled when he started Kilinx. You just can't beat the selection of products and service


John from West Virginia just earned $5 credit! 



Prices were very fair.  My orders package arrived at date given when order placed.  Appreciated being told when Item not in stock; or in stock quantity is insufficient for number requested.  Thinking about my next order

Daid from Ohio just earned $5 credit!


Limitations of Kitlinx?

Let's go through some events of this week, and try to learn from them...


If a customer orders on Tuesday... and the ordered item is NOT in stock at Kitlinx, and sourced in Europe. Let's say that Kitlinx orders from Europe on Thursday - There is a "slim but existing possibility" that the supplier has ONE of the ordered item, and sells it between Tuesday and Thursday. Kitlinx is NOT the only customer of that supplier! It is the MAIN limitation of our system. Even with "real time" supplier's database connection, it does not remove this "slim" probability (when dealing with 90,000+ available SKUs, it is a game of probability).


The sudden collapse of Wingnut Wings has TESTED the limitations of Kitlinx. Our inventory of about 50 SKUs in stock, was depleted in days, and the three suppliers connected to our system were also quickly depleted. It means that Kitlinx cancelled/refunded about THREE DOZEN orders of these gorgeous kits. One customer was REALLY UPSET that his orders were not being filled. It did not help that this customers was NEW, unaware of our process, unaware of Order Status, and of course ordered the hottest kits of this line - these kits which disappeared first. Please recognize that Kitlinx DOES NOT LIKE to cancel orders and refund your money! We are in the business to FILL YOUR ORDERS.


Kitlinx II new generation will limit but not fully remove the above issues. We want to make our customers happy, that way you can come back and have the "peace of mind" that Kitlinx will fill your orders.



This week, we chose ~ 300 Ships and Ship Accessories!

Click Here for Sale?  

15-20% EXTRA discounts (prices already discounted on products)

Sale active until June 1st, 2020! 12pm MST (or when inventory is depleted)


NOTICE: Yellow highlights are very HOT


A surprisingly quiet week for "sky buffs"...






 Hot Wheels 


Space & Sci-Fi 


 Book Worm 


 The Bench 


Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in upcoming weeks/months! 


  1/35 - AFV Club - AFV35323 - US Army Truck & King Cobra Tank w/M113 & M54 Guns This kit has arrived in Europe, should be in any time!!

1/32 Ju EF-126 'Elli' / EF-127 'Walli' (3 in 1 kit) Luftwaffe 1946 This kit in on the water!

1/48 DeHavilland Sea Vixen FAW.2  July 2020 scheduled released


Kitlinx II coming NEXT WEEK! Stay posted... you will notice right away, check the website...

  • Real time supplier kit availability
  • Real time stock assignment
  • Real time order status
  • Customer ability to combine/cancel/change/add unless order is on the packing table
  • 'On the Cloud' interface to better serve you

NEXT? Customer Phone Support / Order Taking


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