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Newsletter June 26

6/27/2020 @ 12:56pm

BREAKING NEWS! - June 25, 2020

Your Feedback:

Loic and the team at Kitlinx provide a great service, and all of this with the struggles of dealing with the current pandemic.  Timely delivery and very well packaged. Not only that, there are a local business and we need to support our local businesses.


Kenneth from Utah just earned $5 credit! 



I have been modeling for over 40 years, but still don't always plan ahead as well as I could.  I got my current project, a Roden 1/48 Beech Staggerwing,  all the way through the painting stage before deciding to test the decals I planned on using (tested them on a scrap piece - I got that right!).  The decals simply shattered when trying to use them and I was concerned whether I would be able to finish the model.  This is where Kitlinx shines.  I needed Microscale Liquid Decal Film ASAP and you had it in stock and shipped quickly, even under current circumstances.  The product worked great and allowed me to use the decals without further problems.

Thank you.  Keep up the good work and stay safe!

PS : Wondering about that Xtracolor enamel paint order?  Was that part of the international box that got lost, or a separate issue?  Maybe you can update in your weekly newsletter this week?

RESPONSE: Dave, and MANY others who are waiting for a restock of XtraColor enamels: Kitlinx contacted the European supplier AGAIN. It is already a SLOW process because enamel paints are considered "Hazardous Material" to cross the Atlantic, and require special paperwork. The Pandemic did not help since the supplier has a REDUCED CREW and INCREASED ORDERS - Like Kitlinx! But no worry, they are working on it! As soon as they ship.. it will arrive in ... 3 days

Dave from Wisconsin just earned $5 credit!



Kitlinx-2 is starting... still in background

We have now connected the orders, supplier's lists, we are running our local system in combination with 'the cloud' to test the accuracy of the system 

  • Real time supplier kit availability
  • Real time stock assignment
  • Real time order status
  • Customer ability to combine/cancel/change/add unless order is on the packing table
  • 'On the Cloud' interface to better serve you

ANNOUCEMENT 1: The order status might be slightly "off"... our programmers are working on the new-enhanced "Order Status" page, directly linked to your order. But it's not perfected yet. Kitlinx stopped the manual download of the "order status"

ANNOUCEMENT 2: During this transition to Kitlinx2, we found MANY orders that should have been released by our 'semi-manual' process. Obviously it was not, and that's why we are really looking forward to Kitlinx2 fully automated features. On Friday, we have started shipping many OVER-DUE orders with 1 or 2 items missing. Credits and refunds are also added to each of these orders

ANNOUCEMENT 3: Zvezda Models was not available for a couple months in the US due to some 'Trademark' issues. Thankfully, it was resolved and the full line is now available

ANNOUCEMENT 4: Sadly, the IPMS Nationals in San Marcos TX has been cancelled. Kitlinx was looking forward to meet many of you and bring a crew and inventory all the way from Utah! Let's say that our Las Vegas presence will be impressive... especially since it's in our neighborhood!

ANNOUCEMENT 5: Wingnut Wings Molds?

Meng in China is producing the Wingnut Wings NEW MOLD of the Fokker Dr.I! It does mean MANY things: including a question on the unlikely resurgence of WNW? and where these molds might have gone?



This week, we chose ~ 430 Kits & Accessories!

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20-30% EXTRA discounts (prices already discounted on products)

Sale active until June 29, 2020! 12pm MST (or when inventory is depleted)


Updated Line


NOTICE: Yellow highlights are very HOT


And below is our best seller this week!





 Hot Wheels 


Space & Sci-Fi & Fantasy 


 Book Worm 


 The Bench 


Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in upcoming weeks/months! 

1/35 - Rye Field Models - RFM5043 - German Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf J SdKfz 161/2 Last Production Tank w/Full Interior & Workable Track Links -

1/32 Ju EF-126 'Elli' / EF-127 'Walli' (3 in 1 kit) Luftwaffe 1946 This kit is expected in July!

1/48 DeHavilland Sea Vixen FAW.2  July 2020 scheduled released


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