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Veterans Day!

11/11/2020 @ 1:55pm

Kitlinx FlashNews - November 11, 2020 - Happy Veterans Day!

  • Kitlinx has now entered 5 boxes of German-reference-Titles into its database. The latest entries are Motorbuch, VDM, Munin Verlag (both English/German text),  Hoffman and Jochen Prien. We have 11 more boxes to enter! ONE EACH DAY!


Happy Veterans Day!

Kitlinx honors all veterans for their sacrifice under their flag, and their service to their fellow citizens

Loic, manager of Kitlinx.com, was born in a French colony (Morocco), and he'd like to thank his ancestors for their own sacrifices. We have added a few pictures for your enjoyment

Maurice, Loic's grand-father, volunteered to fight in WW II, against his wife's wishes (he was older and had enough children to avoid the draft). He fought as a "Brigadier Chef" with the renowned 64e Regiment d'Artillerie d'Afrique. He was captured by elements of the 7th Panzer Division at Lambersart, on the outskirts of Lilles (most likely around 30 May 1940), which was part of a force of 40,000 French troops delaying the German advance toward Dunkerque. He walked through Belgium to a German Stalag. He taught French to German Officers and was repatriated, helped by a compassionate German Officer, in September 1942 back to Morocco for health reasons (2 months prior to the Allied landings in North Africa)

Jean-Claude, Loic's father, was a Lieutenant in the "Chasseur Alpin" in the Algerian war. He was based in the Atlas Mountains in the 1950s.

Loic served as a conscript Officer of the 3rd Hussard Cavalry in 1983-84 in Pzforzheim Germany. The reconnaissance unit was equipped with AMX-10RC

Joshua, Loic's oldest son, served 12-years with the US Army and recently exited as a Sergeant of the 19th Special Forces Group.

God Bless Our Freedom


Loic's dad with a 1956 Austin-Haley 100 in Morocco, early 1950s




Family sharing Love for Models


Movie time! Saints & Soldiers - Airborne Creed. Loic was 'Philippe', a French partisan. Lots of fun


Alden P. Rigby (far right), the "Ace in one day"! Was on Airfield protection duty on Jan.1st, 1945 when Operation Bodenplatte was launched. He scored 4 kills in quick succession on that fateful day, which added to his only previous kill to become an Ace. He passed away on May 6, 2015. He received the Silver Star, Air Medal with 7 oak leaf clusters and the Distinguished Unit Citation. His wife Eileen and daughter Jerry were both illustrated on the cooling of his P-51D, 487th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group. The artist who painted this rendering is Chad Bailey. Offered to the Rigby family in 2011 by GreatModels.

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