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Newsletter May 28

5/29/2021 @ 11:35am

Kitlinx Newsletter - May 28, 2021

Monday May 31st is Memorial Day! God Bless the men and women who died while serving to protect our Freedom

Above: Omaha Beach American Cemetery (Photo Credit: MaryAnn Cameron)


BREAKING NEWS: what a mess!

  • Kitlinx FAILED the retail test of a couple weeks ago... First, we connected to retail inventory that was so old that it was not accurate. Kitlinx secured only about 1/3 of what customers purchased! Kitlinx has started the process of refund and contacting customers.

  • Loic was away for a week and it did not help in sorting the above mess and responding to customers emails

  • TEST#2: Kitlinx is opening another test for this coming weekend. This time, Kitlinx is only focusing on about 6,000 items that are IN STOCK because the UPC codes were updated recently - search for the keyword Retail_Stock (click here) or add this keyword to any other keyword (like 1/48) which shows about 2,600 items that are out of production, and in stock with accuracy.

  • Kitlinx will start moving to its new warehouse next week. The move will take place over a 30-day period to avoid operational delays. It is a 9-mile move North, at the intersection of I-15 and I-80 freeways in the heart of South Salt Lake City. If you are local and want to help, let us know. It is an easy way to increase your stash!

  • Kitlinx has started a relationship with a NEW supplier. Two NEW LINES are offered: Liang and JS Work Model

  • Kitlinx2 is still going... Most of the upgrades are to the "processing side" of the business, but you should see new features, like for NEW customers [upfront explanation of how Kitlinx is different from other mail order operation, with transparency on inventory in stock or sourced], or the checkbox allowing customer to chose "cheapest shipping". Sometimes the weight is slightly over 1lbs, but not always accurate since it's a computer formula. The customer can now chose to allow Kitlinx to ship 1st class and credit the difference.

  • Narrative Books: The 16 boxes of books, all with refreshed pictures. Don't delay! These books are flying off the shelves. There are only 6 boxes left outside the above.

Homepage Header: [new]

HINT: to view the CHANGES, just go to your browser history and click "Clear Recent History..."

Charles Reading from Felton, California scratch built this 1/32 "Tumbleweed Tank"

The model is of “The Tumbleweed Tank”.  The inspiration came from drawings of this ‘future weapon’ which graced the cover of a 1938 Popular Mechanics magazine.

The tank and base are scratch built using evergreen plastic and various items found around the house. The figure is from Andrea Miniatures cast in white metal. The figure scale is 1:32


We are ASKING customers to send us your model pictures to be posted on our HOMEPAGE, or post the pictures on Kitlinx Facebook Build-Page where we could capture them! 

$10 store credit will be issued when your picture is posted on the Kitlinx Homepage


  • Picture will be 1000x250 pixels

  • As this picture is ELONGATED, make sure most of your model is mostly on the right side (a gradient will be applied to the left)

  • HINT: close-up of details is BEST! We want to see your work! Be proud of your model, whatever your skills

  • Your Name/City/State will be posted to give credit-to-whom-it-belongs

  • You should tell us the Manufacturer/scale of the subject - an any pertinent information related to the displayed model.

  • By sending us the picture, you give authorization to Kitlinx to post that picture publicly

  • Kitlinx reserves the right to post or NOT post any picture


Your Feedback:

As ALWAYS, package arrived safe and sound, order completely filled and arrived as soon as humanly possible. That’s why I keep coming back!

Thanks to all, stay safe!

Kevin, from Massachusetts just earned $5 credit!

Overall the experience was very good. There was a minor bit of confusion around the shipping method, but it was cleared up and everything arrived quickly and in good order. 


I like the prices, and I like knowing that the shipping is charged separately rather than being hidden in the kit price.

One thing I find difficult with the site is browsing - for example, if I look at the Tools - Scratchbuilding Supplies category, I am presented with a list of scales, which doesn't seem to work very well. I can see why you might organize things that way as some are scale dependent, but it's not easy to browse. Same with Tools Finishing - under the 1" category I find various wood sheets.

This goes for the Sale results as well - I looked at the sale list for the "Manufacturers starting with C" sale, and there are 1591 items, but no apparent way to find items I might want without going through every page.

Minor points to be sure, but perhaps something to look at as you continue to improve the site after your launch of Kitlinx 2 - Congratulations on that!


John from Washington just earned $5 credit!

 NOTE from Loic: John, you have 'hit it in the nail'! Kitlinx understands that much more work needs to be done on the left column searches. IT IS COMING! We have so much on our plates, between constant growth, moving, adding more suppliers/manufacturers, building catalogs, cleaning the database... and more projects that we want to announce when they are finished. In the meantime, please use the "TOP SEARCH BOX" which allows multiple keywords separated by space. More explanation on its use at the bottom of this Newsletter. But Kitlinx is excited that YOU are excited!


Only one purchase so far, no problems...arrived quickly, even under somewhat difficult circumstances. Very happy with service and purchase.  Issue with log-in was dealt with quickly and effectively


Steve from Ottawa just earned $5 credit!

[Feedback rules]: Kitlinx uses one recent comment, one semi-recent comment, and one in our huge backlog of compliments. Kitlinx tries to reward customers with an extended experience with Kitlinx as they have the most to say about our service. Kitlinx wants to be "transparent" about its service. Some comments might be concerns or constructive criticism.


Aber Accessories Sale! 

  • ONLY "in stock" items showing

  • Sale will last until Tuesday June 1st, 2021, 12AM

NOTE: ONLY IN STOCK ITEM. Do not order MORE than what is listed, or it will be automatically cancelled and refunded


Yellow highlights are very HOT







 Hot Wheels 

Space & Sci-Fi & Fantasy 


 Book Worm 

 The Bench 

Weekly restocks of XtraColor paints...


Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in upcoming weeks/months! 


1/32 - Infinity Models - INF3201 - Curtiss SB2C-4 Helldiver - This kit will be restocked soon!

  1/48 - Airfix - ARX4105 - DHC Chipmunk T.10

1/72 - Airfix - ARX12011 - Avro Vulcan B.2 


Search Tips:

[Kitlinx is still working on its LEFT COLUMN searches. This work will be completed as soon as "Kitlinx-on-the-clouds" is working smoothly]

Let me add some "tricks" to the POWERFUL search engine of Kitlinx (the SEARCH BOX at the TOP of the website). Below are the KEYS to search ~ 80,000 available products (63% in US, 37% in Europe)

1. Use the top box search on Homepage

2. Use several keywords separated by spaces to zero-in your search "1/48 spitfire aircraft_model" (59 kits)

3. Use the underscore "_", like armor_models or Tamiya_ or aircraft_accessor "1/48 spitfire aircraft_access" (456 accessories)

4. Use keyword "instock" to JUST search for in-stock items  

5. If you are searching for SALE items, use the keyword "~special~"

6. Don't forget the Manufacturer's link on TOP of each Product-Page. It quickly shows ALL available product from the same manufacturer

7. DO NOT use the asterisk "*"

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