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Breaking News - Sep.22

9/22/2021 @ 12:33pm

Kitlinx Breaking News - Sep. 22, 2021



  • NEW Refine Search Features - Kitlinx has just implemented the new features to refine the searches with "Scale" and "Manufacturers". When you search any keyword, or new items, these additional tables will appear on the left of your computer screen (not available on mobile phones). Below is a picture explaining its workings

  • NEW Paypal Checkout - Kitlinx has REMOVED the "Paypal Express Checkout". You can use Paypal during the "normal" checkout. The reason behind this change is that the "Express checkout" was bypassing the automatic credit deduction from your order, and also the totals did not match the invoice totals because the 3%-not-in-stock discount was not passing through. Now, If you have credits, the "normal" checkout will automatically deduct it without any interactions from you (you don't have to check the checkbox)

  • FUTURE UPGRADES - The next upgrades include an additional "Refining search box" with in stock/Available/Special Order/Pre-Orders. The other upgrade coming in the next few days is a TOP SELLERS drop down list for Kits/Accessories/Books/Paints

Kitlinx Crew and MRS Hobby appreciate your continued support!

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