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Newsletter Oct 22

10/22/2021 @ 3:28pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - Oct. 22, 2021



  • MRS Book Collection - We continue to enter boxes after boxes of USED and COLLECTION books into our database. Click on this link to see the updates. We still have 10 boxes of books to enter!

  • Availability Turn Around - As Kitlinx was entering the European order today, we noticed that 17.5% of the items we received are already "Out of Stock" at the supplier. Kitlinx wants to illustrate HOW FAST the turn-around of these products are happening from about 11 days ago! FYI, the current delays of supplies at major harbors throughout the world are also a factor in depleting the depth of inventory from suppliers.

  • In Stock at Kitlinx? Kitlinx is proud of its partnership with the two MRS Hobbyshops. Kitlinx now shows ~24,500 different SKUs in stock! We are keeping paints and accessories as well as "best sellers" in stock at all-times, because our Retail Operations need to be "stocked-up". Kitlinx customers are benefiting from this association... like having a Hobbyshop nearby! It takes about ONE DAY to move inventory from the "Sandy Store" to Kitlinx South Salt Lake Operation, so don't be surprised to buy an "in-stock" item, but suddenly it seems "sourced" with a receipt-date one week away, then the next day it reappears on your Order Status as "received"... 


Homepage Header:

HINT: to view the CHANGES, just go to your browser history and click "Clear Recent History..."

Bruce Dehnbostel from Maitland, Florida built this Tamiya 1/48 P-38H. This kit is out of production, but the P-38F/G is still going strong! His comments are below

I built the Tamiya 1/48th scale P-38H Lightning "23 Skidoo" kit and it was the best engineered and best fitting kit I have ever built...and I've built over 130 model kits.  It was the "white box" limited edition kit.  I built it straight from the box using a variety of Model Master Enamel, Model Master Acryl, and Vallejo paints 

We are ASKING customers to send us your model pictures to be posted on our HOMEPAGE, or post the pictures on Kitlinx Facebook Build-Page where we could capture them! 

$10 store credit will be issued when your picture is posted on the Kitlinx Homepage


  • Picture will be 1000x250 pixels - Kitlinx will format it for you

  • As this picture is ELONGATED, make sure most of your model is mostly on the right side (a gradient will be applied to the left)

  • PLEASE add a ONE COLOR BACKGROUND to the model. It's easier to manipulate in Photoshop to meet Kitlinx guidelines

  • HINT: close-up of details is BEST! We want to see your work! Be proud of your model, whatever your skills

  • Your Name/City/State will be posted to give credit-to-whom-it-belongs

  • You should tell us the Manufacturer/scale of the subject - an any pertinent information related to the displayed model.

  • By sending us the picture, you give authorization to Kitlinx to post that picture publicly

  • Kitlinx reserves the right to post the picture(s) when it is needed.

Your Feedback:

SUBJECT "Credits on Shipping Overcharge": Thanks for the message. If I may, I would like to provide some feedback from a customer perspective. Although I appreciate you admitting to an overcharge, I think you would be better served to present the credit as a refund, rather than a credit for future purchase. It could appear that your overcharge was deliberate to force additional purchases. My agreement to your initial overcharge was a trust in your fairness to the charges up front. To say you are doing me a favor simply because I trusted you seems to be strange to me. My 2 cents…

RESPONSE from Kitlinx: We appreciate your comment. If you want a refund we sure can do it upon your request

The reason for the credit is actually to speed operation. It takes a lot of time to search the payment method, and post the credit, and each transaction has a merchant fee. This process times by many credits every day makes our operation much faster if we offer the credit. Most customers are coming back to Kitlinx and it's no bother to them

Shipping cost at Kitlinx are slightly overcharged for LARGER ORDERS. There are several reasons for this fact: The weights are automatically computed for each of the 80,000+ items according to their price and category (books are heavier, decals or accessories are super light, Revell of Germany kits are light and the box oversized... etc.). Buying many items in your cart increases the probability of a weight discrepancy. Kitlinx wants to SPEED the buying process, and charging shipping separately is very inefficient, especially since 60% of purchased items are sourced from the East Coast to Europe.

But "on-occasion" Kitlinx loses money on shipping, or the customer is outrageously charged for a very high shipping charge. We "take-the- losses" on the first instance, and the customer is refunded for the other. But if it happens to you, don't hesitate to put a note in the "Special Instructions". You WILL get an answer

George, from California just earned $5 credit!

I have always read Kitlinx mail when it come in on my phone. Late week it really paid off. We were all notified during your update that collections may become available, so by chance on came up and I went on it and lo and behold, there was the kit I've been wanting to build for the last several yeas, but has either ceased production or just gone . I clicked on it and it was available so I immediately added it to "my cart", along with sought after decals for the aircraft. Bingo!! I had them both and sent off the proper cash to Kitlinx. I immediately checked back to the Kitlinx email and the kit and decals were indicating that they were no longer available, I had scored!!

To make a long story short, read those Kitlinx emails, they really really helped me secure a kit I am going to build. Thank you Kitlinx friend

RESPONSE from Kitlinx: Then stay posted Kevin! We entered many books from MRS Hobbyshops and on Monday, we should receive about 90 "out of production" kits out of 300 models... Life is fun at Kitlinx! 

Kevin, from Massachusetts  just earned $5 credit!


i really enjoy being able to shop with confidence. Don't mind waiting for available now orders because I know they will be right!  Thanks kitlinx!


Richard, from Texas just earned $5 credit!




Armor Accessories Sale Part #2! Over 350+ accessories in stock, immediate shipping!

Click Here for Sale? Click here?  

NOTE: ONLY IN STOCK SALE. Do not order MORE than what is listed, or it will be automatically cancelled and refunded



Kitlinx cannot seem to keep this kit in stock! It's now out of stock at the European supplier, but still not available in the US





1/35 - Pig Model - PIG35001 - USN 5-inch Twin Gun Mount Mk.38- LOWER PRICE!


 Hot Wheels 


Space & Sci-Fi & Fantasy 

Please notice the increase in IN STOCK anime & Sci-Fi products at Kitlinx. It is a VERY IMPORTANT development in our industry which are bringing a younger generation to our hobby. It will insure the long-term longevity of the industry, and many of these young modelers might find interest in the historical vehicle/craft models


 Book Worm 


 The Bench 



Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in upcoming weeks/months! 

Kinetic Models KIN48085 1/48 F-16I SUFA (STORM) with IDF Weapons

This kit has been "In and Out of stock" since its release. We are restocking it heavily soon!

1/32 - Border Models - BRMBF10 - Avro Lancaster B Mk.I/III with full interior (LIMITED former Wingnut Wings) 

NOTE: The price of this kit is still not fully settled. Kitlinx is showing the highest price due to announcements from various suppliers


1/35 - Tamiya - TAM35376 - M18 Hellcat US Tank Destroyer (Expected DEC) 


1/16 - Das Werk - DW16001 - Sturmgeschutz III G - December 2021

Tamiya just announced their newest "big bird" 1/48 F-14A Tomcat late model. Time to play with Top Gun!!

1/35 - Trumpeter Models - TSM9513 - 5cm Flak 41 auf Sfl. Sd.Kfz.7/2


Search Tips:

[Kitlinx is still working on its LEFT COLUMN searches. This work will be completed as soon as "Kitlinx-on-the-clouds" is working smoothly]

Let me add some "tricks" to the POWERFUL search engine of Kitlinx (the SEARCH BOX at the TOP of the website). Below are the KEYS to search ~ 80,000 available products (63% in US, 37% in Europe)

1. Use the top box search on Homepage

2. Use several keywords separated by spaces to zero-in your search "1/48 spitfire aircraft_model" (59 kits)

3. Use the underscore "_", like armor_models or Tamiya_ or aircraft_accessor "1/48 spitfire aircraft_access" (456 accessories)

4. Use keyword "instock" to JUST search for in-stock items  

5. If you are searching for SALE items, use the keyword "~special~"

6. Don't forget the Manufacturer's link on TOP of each Product-Page. It quickly shows ALL available product from the same manufacturer

7. DO NOT use the asterisk "*"

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