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Newsletter Dec.2

12/3/2021 @ 4:33pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - Dec. 3, 2021 

Christmas & Doomsday are right around the corner: Good times to build a Model!!



  • European Order Delays? - Yes, THREE European orders landed this week... we are swamped with 100s of packages to ship! More next week...

  • Forgot your username/Password? - Our programmers worked out a "neat system". Just enter your Email, and Kitlinx will send you your password! Let's remember that you CANNOT make another account with the same Email. You can access your account with EITHER your username or email... and password

  • Wasatch Modeler - Cameron s a local modeler and we really like his Instructional Video. Today is about "airbrushing Basics". Let us know if you want to hear more from Cameron

  • More ICM48300 coming next week!



Homepage Header:

HINT: to view the CHANGES, just go to your browser history and click "Clear Recent History..."

Matthew Feiden, from Nicholasville Kentucky Transformed the 'venerable'  Italeri 1/35 Crusader Mk.3 to a Mk.2


We are ASKING customers to send us your model pictures to be posted on our HOMEPAGE, or post the pictures on Kitlinx Facebook Build-Page where we could capture them! 

$10 store credit will be issued when your picture is posted on the Kitlinx Homepage


  • Picture will be 1000x250 pixels - Kitlinx will format it for you

  • As this picture is ELONGATED, make sure most of your model is mostly on the right side (a gradient will be applied to the left)

  • PLEASE add a ONE COLOR BACKGROUND to the model. It's easier to manipulate in Photoshop to meet Kitlinx guidelines

  • HINT: close-up of details is BEST! We want to see your work! Be proud of your model, whatever your skills

  • Your Name/City/State will be posted to give credit-to-whom-it-belongs

  • You should tell us the Manufacturer/scale of the subject - an any pertinent information related to the displayed model.

  • By sending us the picture, you give authorization to Kitlinx to post that picture publicly

  • Kitlinx reserves the right to post the picture(s) when it is needed.

Your Feedback:

A TOUGH EMAIL this week: Pricing Accuracy at Kitlinx!


"If that's the position you want to take, that just tells me that you are not an honorable business, rather, you are like all the rest, greedy and only concerned about your profits. However, if you do believe in honoring your representations, and saying "my mistake, I will stand by the original offer" thereby providing top quality customer service, then you will fulfill my order and send me my goods. So, what kind of company are you?"


This is the story: A line was grossly under-priced on the database. Like 90% discount! The customer bought practically all the products, with multiple quantities. Our packers, who also check prices, raised the alarm. These mistakes do not happen often, but mistakes do happen. First, yes, we are interested with PROFIT. Not because with are an American Company, but because we want to be in business tomorrow to service your hobby needs. PROFIT = SURVIVAL. If the mistake was 20-30%, yes, we would have "closed our eyes, held our breath" and filled the order without comment. In this case, the order was cancelled.


The reason we bring this "tough" issue today, is because PRICING is a VERY SENSITIVE issue right now. Prices are INCREASING everywhere! One good example: EDU11155 A6M2 over Pearl Harbor, 1/48 set from Eduard. It is HOT! But because it was a pre-order at $98 MSRP. Now it's released at $115 MSRP. That's a 17% increase! No worries, Kitlinx will honor the pre-order prices as this kit is now available and will ship to customers soon!


Customer from Arizon just earned $10 credit! - because it was a tough subject


I think your business model is fantastic-I really am impressed with the magnitude of your inventory and your great prices. I am a fan!


Tom, from California just earned $5 credit!



Decals Sale Over 1,400+ Decals in stock, immediate shipping!

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NOTE: ONLY IN STOCK SALE. Do not order MORE than what is listed, or it will be automatically cancelled and refunded








 Hot Wheels 


Space & Sci-Fi & Fantasy 


 Book Worm 


 The Bench 

Notice our restock of XtraColors Paints? More coming EACH WEEK


Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in upcoming weeks/months! 


1/35 - AFV Club - AFV35S21 - ROC Army AH-1W Super Cobra Helicopter 

1/48 - Revell of Germany - RVL4967 - Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

1/35 - Tamiya - TAM35376 - M18 Hellcat US Tank Destroyer (Expected DEC) 


1/16 - Das Werk - DW16001 - Sturmgeschutz III G - December 2021

1/35 - Trumpeter Models - TSM9513 - 5cm Flak 41 auf Sfl. Sd.Kfz.7/2


Search Tips:

[Kitlinx is still working on its LEFT COLUMN searches. This work will be completed as soon as "Kitlinx-on-the-clouds" is working smoothly]

Let me add some "tricks" to the POWERFUL search engine of Kitlinx (the SEARCH BOX at the TOP of the website). Below are the KEYS to search ~ 80,000 available products (63% in US, 37% in Europe)

1. Use the top box search on Homepage

2. Use several keywords separated by spaces to zero-in your search "1/48 spitfire aircraft_model" (59 kits)

3. Use the underscore "_", like armor_models or Tamiya_ or aircraft_accessor "1/48 spitfire aircraft_access" (456 accessories)

4. Use keyword "instock" to JUST search for in-stock items  

5. If you are searching for SALE items, use the keyword "~special~"

6. Don't forget the Manufacturer's link on TOP of each Product-Page. It quickly shows ALL available product from the same manufacturer

7. DO NOT use the asterisk "*"

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