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Breaking News Jan.5

1/5/2022 @ 4:17pm

Kitlinx Breaking News - Jan 5 - Happy New Year 2022


Kitlinx NEW/OLD Business Plan

Kitlinx has received a "deluge" of responses about our intended change of in-stock inventory during the week, and full database during weekends


Customers are rightly concerned that it hides their purchases during the week, which affects their Online Order Status. Also the full power of the 100k-item database with its cross-referencing is not as efficient


TIME TO BACK- PADDLE! The full database is now FULLY showing for your hobby needs



FOR NEW CUSTOMERS: Kitlinx will create a NEW website, connected to Kitinx. It will be called HobbyON. HobbyON will ONLY show the 24,000 items in stock, ready to ship at MRS HobbyStores and Kitlinx Warehouse. Stay posted!

Above Picture: As you enter the MRS Hobby Store in South Salt Lake City (460 Lawndale Dr), this display case is welcoming you at the entrance (out of 5 display cases). All 1/32-scale models come from Loic's collection, which is gathered from various collections

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