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Newsletter Aug.12

8/12/2022 @ 2:04pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - August 12, 2022


Tips from Kitlinx

  • Postage and Shipping Companies
  1. USPS Priority Mail is FAST, it's about 2-3 days to the East Coast from Utah. UPS can take up to 4-5 days to the East Coast. It's usually cost effective to use UPS over 3lbs.
  2. USPS 1st Class Mail is NOT SLOW!. It's about an extra day than Priority Mail. The package has to be below 1lb.
  3. The threshold between 1st Class International and Priority International is 4lbs.
  4. There is a CHECKBOX during the shipping step of checkout which says: "Click here to use the cheapest carrier/rate if weight allows - credit the difference". We encourage our customers to check that box. Sometimes, weights are not accurate or the weight is exactly 1lbs which is the threshold for Priority Mail/UPS. But Kitlinx can still ship at 15.9oz via 1st Class and save YOU a lot!
  5. Kitlinx noticed that some customers chose faster rates of shipping, while some items in their orders are sourced in Europe! It's your money and your choice, but remember that the difference between 1st class and Priority/UPS is about $5-$7 and only saves you a day or two.
  6. Dimensional Weight: Some kits (like the Border Model 1/32 Lancaster or MRC 1/200 IJN Yamato) are so large that USPS/UPS do not use the actual weight of the package, but use a formula to compensate for its large dimension. For example, a 15lbs kit might be rated at 25lbs for shipping purposes.
  • Contacting Kitlinx
  1. Kitlinx wants to hear from our valued customers. The system is FULLY automated and very smart to simultaneously manage thousands of orders and to allow items to be sourced all over the world and arrive at your doorstep (23k items in stock, 40k sourced in the US within a week, 39k sourced in Europe within two weeks*, 5,700 out stock items for reference but expected to be re-issued and 1,051 pre-orders expected soon) [* disclaimer: European shipping is sometimes subject to shipping or customs delays]
  2. Kitlinx monitors the BEST SELLERS and is committed to keep them IN STOCK for a period of 60-days after release.
  3. The system does not ALWAYS work... an item might be suddenly "out of stock" at a supplier AFTER the customer orders it and before Kitlinx could grab it. The database could also show an item in our warehouse that our employees cannot find because it was misplaced. Since all orders ship COMPLETE**, please check your order status regularly. New features will soon appear to allow more flexibility in the system [** disclaimer: Complete orders do not include pre-orders which ship when released]
  4. You can CALL our customer support (CS) @ 801-597-9095 or EMAIL CS. We have full time reps ready to help you 9am-5pm MST, excluding weekends and Federal holidays.
  5. Loic runs the mail order operation. His email is loic@kitlinx.com. Be cautious contacting "the boss" directly. He is much more busy than CS and stretched between many tasks. Contacting CS should be used FIRST for the fastest response. If CS cannot resolve your issue, they will forward it to Loic
  6. Customer Support operates remotely, but comes to the warehouse once-a-week to resolve boxes requiring shipping, returns, and discuss customer issues with Loic.


Homepage Weekly Customer Appreciation:

HINT: to view the CHANGES, just go to your browser history and click "Clear Recent History..."

Larry Knudsen, built this Academy 1/72 EA-18G Growler. "I added the Eduard Brassin AGM-88B HARMs & launch rails and threw in a couple of Hasegawa pilot figures. A very nicely detailed kit."

We are ASKING customers to send us your model pictures to be posted on our HOMEPAGE, or post the pictures on Kitlinx Facebook Modelers-Page where Kitlinx may capture them! 

Please make sure that the BACKGROUND of your pictures are UNIFORM COLOR

$10 store credit will be issued when your picture is posted on the Kitlinx Homepage



SALE: ~300 Armor Kits, High Discounts! 


Sale active until Tuesday Aug.16 12PM MST















Space & Anime 




Have you noticed? We put the ENTIRE LINE of XtraColors as "Available" on Kitlinx. We import 3 boxes of bottles EACH WEEK

Kitlinx decides each week what is the hottest paints to bring in. Below are the paints that landed this week






1/35 - ICM Models - ICM53054 - Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe US heavy helicopter

1/35 - ICM Models - ICM53055 - Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe with BLU-82/B 'Daisy Cutter' bomb

1/35 - AFV Club - AFV35110 - Army M110 203mm 8-inch Self-Propelled Howitzer

1/24 - Airfix - ARX17001 - Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ixe - Pre-Order Item


Customer Support

  • Phone Number 801-597-9095

  • Email: Support@kitlinx.com

  • Hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm 

Our Mailing Address:

Kitlinx LLC

460 Lawndale Dr.

SLC UT 84115

Search Tips:

"Tricks" to the POWERFUL search engine of Kitlinx (the SEARCH BOX at the TOP of the website). Below are the TOOLS to search ~ 100,000+ available products (67% in US, 33% in Europe)

1. Use the top box search on Homepage

2. Use several keywords separated by spaces to zero-in your search. Example: "1/48 spitfire aircraft_model"

3. Use the underscore "_", like armor_models or Tamiya_ or aircraft_accessor. Example: "1/48 spitfire aircraft_access"

4. Use keyword "instock" to JUST search for in-stock items  

5. If you are searching for SALE items, use the keyword "~special~"

6. Don't forget the Manufacturer's link on TOP of each Product-Page. It quickly shows ALL available product from the same manufacturer

7. DO NOT use the asterisk "*"


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