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Newsletter July 18

7/18/2023 @ 3:31pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - July 18, 2023


EARLY NEWSLETTER THIS WEEK! Utah's Pioneer day is coming on Monday and some employees are taking a deserved time off to enjoy "cooler temperatures" outside Utah. Do NOT worry, our operation still runs every day, including Monday July 24th.

What's New?

  • LOST ITEMS? Kitlinx did a PHYSICAL INVENTORY of its warehouse (after we completed the books). We found "treasures that were lost" to our database. You can find a list of these "lost kits" here.
  • ERROR RATE: Extra inventory in our warehouse is often the result of error "in the process". It could be an employee that do not find the item on the shelf and cancels it or re-orders it, it could be an item misplaced on the wrong shelf, it could be a customer canceling an order but our personnel did not mark the database, it could be supplier's errors... We did a SEARCH of our HISTORICAL ERROR RATE of all these above issues - Kitlink error rate is at 2%. That means you could expect one mistake every 50 items, and since each order averages 3 items, you may get  one mistake every 16 orders. Obviously Kitlinx is striving to bring this error rate DOWN. It is "tricky" with two retail hobbyshops with walking customers who sometimes misplace books or kits.
  • NEW COLLECTION! We received another HUGE collection! About 200 kits, mostly aircraft.



Your Feedback:  

Order #34231 was delivered quickly, with no problem. The fault is not with Kitlinx. The Night Harrier is fine ,though lots of the parts were not on the sprues, that is not a Kitlinx problem. The Polaris is the same, brittle resin, lots of parts broke when trying to remove them from the plugs. bad instructions and so many tiny parts you don't even know what they are. Best part were the figures. Again ,no complaints about Kitlinx, excellent service and delivery time. will continue to buy from you

Reinaldo from Stone Mountain, Georgia earned $5 credit!

Great work on my orders.I realize customs is a pain in the ... so that should calculated the lead/tracking time.
PayPal following the most recent Federal and EU diktats makes the life of  merchants and retailers more expensive and difficult.
All in all, though, I am quite happy with Kitlinx

David from Harahan, Louisana, just earned $5 credit!

Thanks for the order and the prompt service. I will gladly recommend your company to the modelers here in the Twin Cites


Robert from Minneapolis, Minnesota, just earned $5 credit! 



Homepage Weekly Customer Appreciation:

HINT: to view the CHANGES, just go to your browser history and click "Clear Recent History..."

Matthew Lunn,  from Herndon Virginia, built this Special Hobby 1/32 AH-1G

"Larger markings were masked and airbrushed. smaller markings are a combination of Avalon and kit decals. Painted with a mix of Tamiya, Mr. Color, and MRP paints. Tamiya Panel liner and weathered with oils.Roundel base is from Bases By Bill Custom Display Cases

38 AH-1G Cobra attack helicopters were diverted from the Army to the Marines for use in Vietnam. These aircraft were painted Field Green overall with the tailband in International Yellow. This aircraft, BUNO 15046, was used for raining and had panels painted in International Orange and was armed with rocket pods and minigun pods on the stubwings

Semper Fi, Fly Marines!!"

We are ASKING customers to send us your model pictures to be posted on our HOMEPAGE, or post the pictures on Kitlinx Facebook Modelers-Page where Kitlinx may capture them! 

Please make sure that the BACKGROUND of your pictures are UNIFORM COLOR

$10 store credit will be issued when your picture is posted on the Kitlinx Homepage





Pioneer Day Sale!


End of Sale on Monday July 24th, 12PM MDT







1/35 - ICM Models - ICM53055 - Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe with BLU-82/B 'Daisy Cutter' bomb has landed in Europe!









Space / Anime / Fantasy / Gaming 








1/32 - Italeri - ITA2518 - Macchi MC202 Folgore Fighter (New Tool)


1/35 - MENG Models - MGKQS004 - AH-64D Apache Longbow Heavy Attack Helicopter 


1/32 - Kotare - KOTRE-K32601 - Spitfire Mk.Ia "Brian Lane" 

1/48 - Arma Hobby - AH40004 - Hawker Hurricane Mk.Iic  This kit is making "waves"!!


Customer Support

  • Phone Number 801-597-9095

  • Email: Support@kitlinx.com

  • Hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm 

Our Mailing Address:

Kitlinx LLC

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Search Tips:

"Tricks" to the POWERFUL search engine of Kitlinx (the SEARCH BOX at the TOP of the website). Below are the TOOLS to search ~ 100,000+ available products (67% in US, 33% in Europe)

1. Use the top box search on Homepage  

2. Please note that the keywords you type will stay in the search box. It will allow to correct typos or slightly change your search

3. Use several keywords separated by spaces to zero-in your search. Example: "1/48 spitfire aircraft_model"

4. Use the underscore "_", like armor_models or Tamiya_ or aircraft_accessor. Example: "1/48 spitfire aircraft_access"

5. Use keyword "instock" to JUST search for in-stock items  

6. If you are searching for SALE items, use the keyword "~special~"

7. Don't forget the Manufacturer's link on TOP of each Product-Page. It quickly shows ALL available product from the same manufacturer

8. DO NOT use the asterisk "*"


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