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Newsletter Nov.11

11/10/2018 @ 1:53pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - November 11, 2018

 Hobby News! 


SKUs in stock at Kitlinx.com: 16,073 (21.5%)

Available from US & European Suppliers: 74,639


TODAY, World War I finished in Europe in 1918!!! It was supposed to be the "Der des Ders" (The last of the last wars...)


What did we do this week?

Order Status 

Yes, this is now working! We have added more information, the quantities received, and the process update (like "expected on ## date", "received", "shipped"). It is still a semi-automated system, so if you get an email saying your order is on the its way, but the order status says "on the pulling table", do not worry... your order was packed and SHIPPED! This system will be FULLY automated when our overall system will be implemented

  1. Log in
  2. Click on your username (top right corner)
  3. Click on Order History (see picture below)


Lines Added


How It Works

Kitlinx has added a link called "How it Works" on the 'red line' to summarize all the help/advice about how to use Kitlinx! Check it out


NEXT? We need to hire someone for phone support and get that support line 'humming'...


Sober news: for those not aware, Lisa Snow (GreatModels assistant manager from 2003 to 2012) passed away on March 8, 2017 due to complication from a late diagnosis of Acute Respiratory Disease and other complications. She was 43 yr-old and had a 12 yr-old, Baylee. We are indebted to the marvelous service and personality of Lisa through the years we were lucky to have her.



I'm going to venture that this Trumpeter kit is the hottest release of the week!

But you should look at pre-orders! Buff Master is back alive, and their 1/72 Upgrade of the Model-Collect B-52H late is coming mid-December 2018, to be on your workbench for the Christmas holidays


Is that me, or there is a little slow down on Armor releases? Some HOT releases are announced! We have added the Gecko Models Cruisers A9 and A10





 Hot Wheels 




 Book Worm 

Try these NEW books: Israeli Shermans flew off the shelves on the 1st edition. Don't miss out. VERY IMPRESSIVE work in such a heavy reference. Over 700 photos!


 The Bench 


Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in a few weeks! 

HOT KIT ALERT! Trumpeter has now settled the US MSRP of the HUGE 1/200 Yorktown CV-5 (sunk after a valiant fight at the battle of Midway)

Did you see on Kitlinx Facebook page the announcements? AFV Club 1/48 U-2 Spy Plane, Gecko Models 1/35 British Cruiser A9 Mk.I and Amusing Hobby 1/35 Ferdinand with the 16-ton Strabokran crane!

We start to receive a LOT of inquiry for Airfix 9186 1/48 Blenheim Mk.IF! Due Middle of November 2018!

Another HOT pre-order arriving shortly! AFV Club M728 Combat Engineer


This kit from AMK: 1/48 F-14D Super Tomcat does not have a date of arrival yet. The manufacturer is still working the details

OCTOBER: HK Models 1/32 Lancaster supplier is now secured. This kit now announced for mid-November, 2019. This kit is subject to MAP by manufacturer (Minimum Advertised Pricing). Kitlinx supports MAP as it protects your local hobby stores.

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