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Christmas Sale!

12/22/2018 @ 4:07pm

Kitlinx SALE - December 22, 2018

The Warehouse is packed with goodies, and we need to make room for more in 2019... so let's BLOW some models!

  • If our inventory is low, we want to keep them in stock
  • But if the inventory is high, that's when we want to move the product
  • The higher the inventory, the DEEPER the sale


Rules of Engagement:

  • It's IN STOCK, so it will ship immediately (which means Wednesday Dec.26)
  • Sales items sold-out are automatically removed from the sale (when inventory reaches 0). If you keep an item in your cart, it will be deleted after 24-hours
  • You can combine "Sales Items" and other available products. It will ship together when ALL in stock
  • DEEP sales have a "search criteria" of - DEEP-SALE  (115 items)
  • All sales items can be searched with the search criteria "~special~" (1,500 items)

For example, you want to see all items on sale for Aber Accessories, type in the search box: ~special~ aber (not case sensitive)


NOTE ON SHIPPING: It not because a product is cheaper than it has lost any weight! So shipping cost stay identical according to weight/size of a product. A 2lb kit @ $50 will ship USPS Priority for $12 to the East Coast (24% of order)... and if the sale is 20%, then the same 2lb kit @ $40 will still ship at the same cost (now 30% of order)!

Remember that any order over $300 is eligible for a 3% freight allowance! That's an additional $9+ saving...


Below are the lines we will increase the discounts... just until December 26th, 12PM NOON MST (Mountain Standard Time)

Click on the logos!


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