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Newsletter March 1

3/1/2019 @ 5:01pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - March 1, 2019



SKUs in stock at Kitlinx.com:  16,225

Available/Pre-Orders on Kitlinx Website from US & European Suppliers: 92,629

Your feedback:

Recently I preordered a model for about thirty dollars more than the kit retailed for when it finally arrived at Kitlinx . I was a bit concerned that I might not receive the now discounted price difference. Well, as it turned out, there was no need to worry. For when I placed my next order there was a credit adjustment already in place for the correct difference to go towards my next order. This is just another example of what I have come to expect, and why I will continue to do business with Kitlinx. Did I mention that the majority of time my packages come a day earlier than the expected arrival date?!

Ron from Massachusetts


'Tricks of the Week' to best use Kitlinx

  • Remember that you get an extra 5% discount if NOT in stock (showing at check out)! (that's why it's a good deal on Pre-Orders... since products are not in stock yet!)

  • If you order over $300, Kitlinx adds a "Freight Allowance" of 3%, added to the 5% if NOT in stock. That means, Trumpeter 1/200 USS Yortktown just released this week is $314.95 minus 5% and 3%, or around $289

  • But don't delay, as it's in stock next Thursday-Friday! and you will lose the 5%

  • Monday is when we order to Foreign suppliers (US orders are throughout the week). If you place you order on Tuesday for 'European goods', then it will wait 6 days before being processed then it takes another week to be sourced! For best processing time in a "kit not in stock, sourced in Europe", just order over the weekend or BEFORE Monday 11AM MST [Status: Less then 2 weeks for Europe is the worse case scenario! - if you order Monday morning, Kitlinx often gets it next Monday...]

  • Some lines are just GREAT DEALS at Kitlinx: 

  1. AFV Club - pricing is about 30-40% less than most US suppliers

  2. Friul Tracks - pricing is about 20% less than most US suppliers - NEW THIS WEEK!

  3. Airfix - Kitlinx just learned that the 1/48 Blenheim Mk.IF was expected by our first US distributor to get it.  Kitlinx has been selling this kit for 3 months! [Nov.25, 2018] It is actually our second best seller (in our short history) after Revell 1/32 P-51D. YES, Airfix is one of the many lines we capture WAY BEFORE the US Market!

Lines Updated 

If you see lines that need update, please send me an email loic@kitlinx.com 

SHIPPING UPDATE! Kitlinx has negotiated NEW RATES with FedEx. That's why we dropped UPS and we are now shipping FedEx. It means that FedEx rates are now 20% LOWER on the website. Please observe the new low prices when you check-out! (mostly interesting over 3 lbs)


DEAL of the Weekend! Kitlinx is offered some SPECIAL PRICES on a number of kits, in limited quantities, by a supplier outside our regular distributors. Use "WeekendMarch2019" keyword (with any other keyword, scale, armor, etc.) and see if you like the prices on some kits or accessories. The "Special Prices" will be valid until Monday March 3rd, 12PM MST - ONE TIME DEAL! Mostly Trumpeter, Academy, - these kits will be IN STOCK by next Friday!



AFV Club 1/48 U-2 expected early next week!





Trumpeter HUGE 1/200 Yorktown CV-5 (sunk after a valiant fight at the battle of Midway) is expected next Thursday/Friday


 Hot Wheels 




 Book Worm 


 The Bench 


Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in a few weeks! 

HOT KIT ALERT! NEW LINE Border Models from China just made a 1/35 Panzer IV Ausf.G with amazing detail. Check it out. Should be in stock in April 2019

Gecko Models 1/35 British Cruiser A9 Mk.I and many other under the same line!

Trumpeter 1/200 Titanic will sail on mid-2019. Grab it while you can!

The Wingnut Wings 1/32 Lancaster Mk.1/III and 'Dambuster' are expected in late 2019

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