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Newsletter May 3

5/3/2019 @ 5:43pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - May 3, 2019



SKUs in stock at Kitlinx.com:  16,146

Available on Kitlinx Website from Suppliers: 94,460


Your feedback: 

I have just started to check out your site! WHOA!!! I can spend LOTS of time and money here! What a great selection. organized, searchable in the best ways! What a site! I'll be back, back, back!!

Mike from New Hampshire


Lines Updated 

  • Sabot Publication - Armor subjects in detail
  • We did not update many lines this week, but worked on adding PICTURES to products we have in stock! We add these items to the NEW ARRIVAL list to give you an idea of the huge inventory we have, but now illustrated with pictures. Still over 1,000 pictures to work on... at a rate of about 50 per week!

If you see lines that need update, please send me an email loic@kitlinx.com 


Newsletter SALE  Entire line Special Hobby is at 45% OFF240+ AIRCRAFT kits IN STOCK (click on this link)

but we did not want our "Armor Modelers" to be out of luck.. so we added 50 Planet Armor Vehicles ON SALE too!

or search in the  SEARCH  box with these two criteria: ~special~ Special_Hobby (and add other keywords!)

  • SALE ENDS Tuesday 5/6/2019 12PM MDT (6PM GMT Greenwich Mean Time) - MDT as we have moved to Daylight saving.
  • Sales prices are indicated on the product page (no need for a coupon code)
  • Sales prices are only for IN STOCK items. If the customer orders more than available, the non-stocked kits will be cancelled/refunded

NOTICE 1: Yellow highlights are usually IN STOCK, and very INTERESTING!

NOTICE 2: Each week, we are adding missing pictures to items we have IN STOCK. Then we show them in NEW RELEASES


The Revell of Germany 1/32 F/A-18E landed at Kitlinx! It is imported from Europe, as there are NO SUPPLIER for this kit in the US! I thought it was a US plane?





 Hot Wheels 


Space & Sci-Fi 

 Book Worm 

 The Bench 


Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in a few weeks! 

HK Models just announced their 1/32 Lancaster Mk.III Dambuster! We know that Wingnut Wings will release these kits... but who knows now?

HOT KIT ALERT! NEW LINE Border Models from China just made a 1/35 Panzer IV Ausf.G with amazing detail. Check it out. Should be in stock in April/May 2019

Trumpeter 1/200 Titanic will sail on mid-2019. Grab it while you can!



Have you heard of Field of Armor Tanks? It is the "sister company of Kitlinx" - Loic's first Love!

This is the current project we are finishing... in 1/6th Scale! A Flak 36 88mm Gun with Sdh.202 Bogies


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