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Newsletter June 13

6/13/2019 @ 6:47pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - June 13, 2019

Dear <name>, Thank you for shopping at Kitlinx, llc!



SKUs in stock at Kitlinx.com:  15,725

Available on Kitlinx Website from Suppliers: 93,885


Your feedback - be constructive... and nice! 

First, my most recent experience was superior.  Your database showed the item was available, the price was irrelevant, and the shipping interval was very short (the distance is not very large).  All in all, I find Kitlinx does a superior job of making an astronomical number of things available.  Sadly, I am only interested in one.  As a former customer of Roll Models, my judgment is that Kitlinx  is worthy replacement, even an improvement, on Roll Models.  My congratulations on superior service

Mike from Colorado just earned $5 credit!


Kitlinx Updates 

  • "No Order Left Behind" - We have started to send email to all orders over 20 days which are held for various reasons (one item is out of stock at all suppliers), ordered more than one, and Kitlinx did not source all of them, etc..
  • Please look at your Order Status (login, click on username, click on "Order History")
  • The website was DOWN for 30 hours over last weekend! NOT FUN! Kitlinx still suffers from some instability due to its ISP. We are working on it...

If you see lines that need update, please send me an email loic@kitlinx.com 


Anyone having FUN this Spring? Below is some of the fun we have at Kitlinx... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkDRRw_N38E 


SALE - Ragnar Wasatch Back


The "Boss" is running... a lot! This weekend, he is in the mountain. To celebrate the 20 miles or so that he will suffer through, we are doing this Newsletter EARLY, and adding a SPRING CLEANING SALE - 4,000 IN STOCK ITEMS!

Over 4,000 IN STOCK items for SALE!! (click on link) It's probably BEST to use the "SALE ITEMS" category on left column search!




Search in the  ENTER YOUR KEYWORDS  box with these criteria: ~special~  (and add other keywords i.e. scale!)



  • SALE ENDS Monday 6/17/2019 12PM MDT (6PM GMT Greenwich Mean Time)
  • Sales prices are indicated on the product page (no need for a coupon code)
  • Sales prices are only for IN STOCK items. If the customer orders more than available, the non-stocked kits will be cancelled/refunded

NOTICE 1: Yellow highlights are usually IN STOCK, and very INTERESTING!

NOTICE 2: Each week, we are adding missing pictures to items we have IN STOCK. Then we show them in NEW RELEASES







 Hot Wheels 


Space & Sci-Fi 


 Book Worm 


 The Bench 


Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in a few weeks! 


1/32 - Wingnut Wings - WNW32039 - Handley-Page 0/400 - mid/late 2019 - RESERVATION PRICE

Air Connection - AIR004 - Camouflage and Markings of the Panzerwaffe

HOT KIT ALERT! NEW LINE Border Models from China just made a 1/35 Panzer IV Ausf.G with amazing detail. We have recently heard that these kits shipped by sea from Europe, so it's still about end of June delivery!! Patience is not in a modeler's vocabulary... unless it is to find a small piece in the carpet!

Trumpeter 1/200 Titanic will sail on mid-2019. Grab it while you can!

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