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Newsletter Sep.27

9/27/2019 @ 5:48pm

Kitlinx Newsletter - Sep 27, 2019



SKUs in stock at Kitlinx.com:  15,647

Available on Kitlinx Website from Suppliers: 96,608


Your feedback: Be constructive... and nice! 

It’s been a little while since I last placed an order. Often the summer weather slows down my urge to work on a model. Well, no excuses now. I just placed my third order in the last two and a half weeks and I’m still amazed how fast my packages arrive! I say that because I live in the northeast, (MA) and I often will place my order on a weekend and it arrives either on Thursday or Friday! Obviously these are products that are in stock, but even when I have placed an order from overseas they still usually come within a two week period. Needless to say I am a very satisfied customer!

Ron from Massachusetts just earned $5 credit!



SALE (click here) on Manufacturers starting with "B"

15% EXTRA discount 

Sale will last until Monday Sep.30, 12PM MST


New Lines Added or cleaned-up!


NOTICE 1: Yellow highlights are IN STOCK, and very HOT


Making the News "again": The IPMS 'limited Edition' 1/48 P-51D "Chattanooga Choo Choo" is solidly in stock at Kitlinx. We believe that we are one of the few retailers IN THE WORLD to carry this bird!





 Hot Wheels 


Space & Sci-Fi 


 Book Worm 


 The Bench 

The Mr. Paint colors are now in the US. We will try to keep them in stock


Hot Pre-Orders Alert! 

These are the hottest Pre-Orders coming in upcoming weeks/months! 

Some interesting announcements! Especially HK Models 1/48 B-17G Early Production!

Other announcements but no prices yet: Hobbyboss 1/32 B-26C and AMK 1/48 F-104G

  1/48 - AMK Model Kits - AGK88007 - F-14D Super Tomcat Fighter (New Tool) (SEPTEMBER 2019! October now? Come on AMK!!)

The MSRP of this kit is still "in the air"! We are hearing that the manufacturer set a MAP at $69. But it does not seem to be followed by US distributors. Kitlinx will follow "common sense". If no MAP is agreed, then it will be a STANDARD DISCOUNT from MSRP. It will mean that Kitlinx will refund or charge the difference from the agreed PRICE.

  Tamiya is releasing P-38J (and G) in its 1/48 collection... MSRP is now official

Air Connection - AIR004 - Camouflage and Markings of the Panzerwaffe

Trumpeter 1/200 Titanic will sail on mid-2019. Grab it while you can! (change of code)


Check your order status!  

  • Kitlinx is a "broker" of models, books and accessories (KIT↔LINKS). It means we have ~16,000 in stock items, especially the HOTTEST products. But we source ~80,000 additional products, in the US and abroad - remember that's why Loic came back to the business. NO ONE in our industry offers a similar system at this operational scale.

  • Look at the STATUS on each item page. When it says "Special Order in Europe, Ships in less than 2 weeks"... we mean it! Actually, it's an estimate (Kitlinx does not control the Postal Service or Customs). Our international order made on Monday arrived Friday!! That's the best we've seen...

  • Look at your ORDER STATUS - Kitlinx offers an update on items we source. There is an "expected date" on each sourced item (that's when Kitlinx receives the product). 

  • Watch for MULTIPLE items. Some customers order x10 of one product. Even distributors might not have those quantities. Orders are held, if NOT COMPLETE.

  • NO "expected date" on ONE of your ordered product? It will HOLD your order, so please "MAKE A DECISION"... that probably means the supplier sold out (between updates - that's why our NEW system coming later this year will automate this process). Suppliers restock often, but Kitlinx does not control their business. After 30-days, if Kitlinx receives no communication from customer, the missing item will be refunded/credited and your remaining order will ship automatically.


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